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Membership Roster


Board of Directors
Barbara Hébert Hébert, President (Abbeville)
Joseph G. Vallee, Vice-President (Abbeville)
Gary E. Theall, Secretary-Treasurer (Abbeville)


Dana Beatty Bourque (Abbeville)
Sue Butaud (Erath)
Jennifer Campisi (Abbeville)
Lloyd F. Doré III (Abbeville)
Charles Dill, Jr. (Abbeville)
Patricia Heard (Gueydan)
Gale Luquette (Abbeville)
Kathleen S. Miller (Abbeville)
Jude Pere (Abbeville)
Sylvia Brown Putnam (Abbeville)
Dick and Mary Watkins (Abbeville)
Alberta Villien Winch (Maurice)

Board of Directors 2003

(2003) Left to right:  Cecile B. Broussard, Kenneth A. Dupuy, Heloise Broussard, Gary E. Theall, Alberta Villien Winch, René Breaux, Barbara H. Hébert, Lloyd Doré III, Una B. Evans, Margaret Steen Villemez, Velta Bourgeois.  Not shown:  Sue Butaud, Patricia S. Heard, Meceal H. Smith.

Lifetime Members

Chief Michael Amos
Joseph M. Bonin
Donnelle Brasseaux Alsandor
Whitney Atchetee
Meredith May Blackwell
Father William C. Blanda
Dan Bouligny
Mark Boyance
R. Brady Broussard, Jr.
Eaton Chauvin Brown
Carl J. Cabrol
Donald P. Chauvin
Barbara Dartez
Natial D'Augereau
Susan Desormeaux
Charles Dill, Jr.
Elaine Dill
Lloyd F. Doré III
Elizabeth Edwards
Wm. P. "Judge" Edwards III
Anthony J. Fontana, Jr.
Sarah Fox
Douglas Garling
Betty D. Girouard
Agnes Godchaux
Frank A. Godchaux III
H. L. "Sonny" Harkins
Patricia Heard
Barbara H. Hébert
Mona Hemphill Hollier
John Howard
Anne Leonard
Suzanne Vallee Meaux
Kathleen S. Miller
Patricia A. Motter
Otha Morgan
Carol Noack
Emma G. Norris
John W. O'Bryan III
Robert E. O'Bryan
Jude Pere
David Pierce
Lawrence Primeaux
Emmet P. Putnam, III
George Argue Putnam
Marilyn F. Putnam
Sylvia Putnam
Jim Russo
Mary Sagrera
Maxine Schexnayder
Eugene Sellers
Phallie Sellers
Charles R. Sonnier
Mary Ellen Sonnier
Debbie Spinks
Jim Spinks
Virginia B. Stokes
Frank L. Theall
Gary E. Theall
John W. Theall
Joseph G. Vallee
Suzanne Vallee Meaux
Paul O. Villien, Jr., M.D.

Past Lifetime Members

Carmen Boulet
Velta Bourgeois
Heloise Broussard
Daina Lutgring Bradley
Cecile Broussard
Una B. Evans
Belva Fisher
James E. Fontenot
Amanda Sagrera Hanks
Margaret Hunter
Jeanne Reese
Marilyn Lutgring Sermon
Helen Mouton Thompson
Emery Toups
Sawyer White

To join or to renew your membership, print out the membership application and send it in with your dues.