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The Clarence J. Edwards Collection

The following items were selected from the items contributed by Sheila and Wakeman Edwards Linscomb.  Wakeman is a great grandson of Clarence J. Edwards.

For more information on Dr. Clarence J. Edwards, read his biography submitted by Kenneth A. Dupuy.

The files below are either Adobe PDF files or images.  The PDF files must be dowloaded and either opened or saved, and can be read only with Adobe Acrobat.  If you do not already have the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer, you may download it free by visiting the Adobe website:

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The Diary of Clarence J. Edwards is available for download either as an Adobe PDF text file (word searchable), or if you prefer to see the actual handwriting, as an Adobe PDF image file.  The latter is quite large, and is not recommended for download without a high speed Internet connection.  Clarence kept this diary off and on from 1874 to 1881.  He started it when he was living with his parents in New Orleans.  He writes about his experiences there, his trip to Abbeville, his life in Abbeville, and his experiences in medical school in Louisville, Kentucky.  Through this diary we get to know some of the early residents of Abbeville such as W. F. Area, Kate and Mary Area, Claude Young, Eugene Addison, Mary Lyons, Dr. W. D. White, Harriet Wise, Lyman C. Lyons, Robert P. O'Bryan, A. G. Maxwell, John Brookshier, A. D. Martin, Marion Eldredge, and many more.

Diary text
Download the diary as a PDF text file (588 KB)


Diary image
Download the diary as a PDF image file (6.7 MB)

The Patient Register of Dr. Clarence J. Edwards (1905-1906) is available for download as an Adobe PDF image file.  The file is large, and is not recommended for download without a high speed Internet connection.

Medical register
Download the patient register as a PDF image file (4.8 MB)


Portrait of Dr. Clarence J. Edwards (Hambacher)

Photographic portrait of Dr. Clarence J. Edwards by Hambacher Studio, 231 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, 6" x 9."  (84.2 KB)

Portrait of C. J. Edwards

Catholic Retreat

Group photograph of 47 people, including Clarence J. Edwards and two priests, possibly a Catholic retreat, undated, 3.5" x 5.5", postcard format on back.  Dr. Edwards is at the right end of the first row.  (118 KB)

Group phota at Catholic retreat

Giant Bamboo Grove (Bouligny)

Photograph of Dr. C. J. Edwards standing next to his giant bamboo grove, undated, by C. Bouligny, inscribed "Bamboo Grove of Dr. C. J. Edwards, Large Specimens! 60 ft high 7 in. diameter at Abbeville, La."  (162 KB)

Giant bamboo garden

Portrait of Kate Young (Souby)

Photograph of Kate Young Edwards, 4.25" x 6.25", by Souby, 113 Canal Street, New Orleans, undated, inscribed on back, "Kate Young Edwards, daughter of Mary Mathilde Guegnon and Dr. Francis D. Young, wife of Dr. Clarence J. Edwards. Property of Katherine Edwards Linscomb, 106B Alyene Ave., Lafayette, La. 70506."  (140 KB)

Portrait of Kate Young Edwards

W. W. Edwards Playing Violin (Corrodi)

Photograph of W. W. Edwards playing his violin on the porch of his home, Grey Friars, by L. E. Corrodi, Abbeville, La., 4.5" x 6.5", inscribed on back, "The Hermit of Greyfriars 1897," and "Grandpa W. W. Edwards."  (116 KB)

W. W. Edwards playing violin on his porch

Little Henry Edwards

Photograph of Henry Edwards in sailor suit, undated (ca. 1915), photographer unknown, 3.25" x 5", postcard format on reverse, inscribed "Henry Edwards" and "No. 1."  (114 KB)

Little Henry Edwards

Henry, son of Dr. Clarence J. Edwards and Kate Young, died July 26, 1916, at age 6.  His parents donated a stained glass window to St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church depicting a guardian angel protecting a child.  The photograph above was used as a model for the child, as shown in the side-by-side photographs below:  (255 KB)

Little Henry Edwards in stained glass window

Four Generations of Edwards

Photograph of four generations of Edwards, including little Francis Racine Edwards, Dr. H. G. F. Edwards, W. W. Edwards, and Dr. Clarence J. Edwards, undated (ca. 1916), photographer unknown, 6.5" x 8.5".  Each was the first born of his family, and they were born in order from the oldest generation down in September, October, November, and December.  (79.1 KB)

Four generations of Edwards

Dr. Clarence J. Edwards Home

Photograph of home of Dr. Clarence J. Edwards, photographer unknown, three children outside and one in window, 8" x 10", inscribed on back "Taken in 1902."  (190 KB)

Clarence J. Edwards home in 1902

Home of Dr. Clarence J. Edwards (now William "Judge" Edwards) in 2004, photograph by Gary E. Theall:  (205 KB)

Clarence J. Edwards home in 2004

Abbeville Fire Protection Company No. 2

Group photograph of 22 uniformed firemen and two little girls, photographer unknown, 8" x 10", inscribed on back, "Abbeville Volunteer Fire Dept. 1880 [sic, the photograph was taken on July 4, 1889]," "231," 4 Col ROP C.O.," "Mathilde Edwards, Old Time Photo, 3-col-ROP," and "64R."  Clarence J. Edwards is seated in the first row, fifth from the right end.

Abbeville Fire Protection Company No. 2

The Meridional announced the formation of the fire company as follows:

Abbeville Meridional 6-2-1888:

The new fire engine company “Protector No. 2” is now permanently organized and on the high road to success. At the meeting last Monday night the constitution and by-laws were adopted, and the following officers elected: President, Dr. C. J. Edwards; Vice President, Jacob Gastal; Secretary, Adonis Leblanc; Treasurer, H. T. Chevis; Foreman, M. T. Gordy, Jr.; First Assistant, H. C. Helmich; Second Assistant, Louis Leotaud; Housekeeper, Joseph Leguennec; Banner Carrier, A. J. Godard; Pipeman, James Rogers. Some of our citizens have contributed very liberally toward the purchasing of an engine. “The gentlemen of the grip,” commonly called drummers, have also made handsome donations. We trust that those of our citizens who have failed to contribute anything toward this good cause will not hang back any longer, but respond willingly when called upon.