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World War II—Eleven Abbeville Heroes

 6.  Herman C. Landry

Herman C. Landry   Herman C. Landry memorial

Herman C. Landry was reportedly one of the first men to leave Abbeville for the US Army after World War II began.  He was the son of Harry J. Landry and Blanche LeBlanc Landry.

Herman's last trip home was to attend the wedding of his sister, Marjorie, to C. T. Hill.

In January of 1944, Herman took part in "Operation Shingle," in which American and British forces landed at Anzio beach in Italy in an attempt to bypass the German forces that were blocking the northward advance of the Allies.  Unfortunately, the American general delayed his advance long enough to allow the Germans to amass a vastly superior force against them.  The British and American troops were pinned to the beach by devastating German artillery for four months.

Tech 5th Gr. Herman Landry was killed at Anzio on February 24, 1944.  His father, Harry Landry, had only recently been elected president of the Abbeville Lions Club.  Herman is buried in an Italian cemetery near Anzio.

We are grateful to his nephew, Tommy Hill, who lives in Abbeville, for the picture above.   

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