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World War II—Eleven Abbeville Heroes

 7.  William G. "Topsy" Weill

William G. Weill   William G. Weill memorial

William G. Weill was given the nickname “Topsy,” reportedly because he was so tall.  According to C. Paul Bergeron, who knew him, he was always interested in military matters.  As a child, he built a fort in his back yard.  He lived with his parents, Jonas Weill and Gertrude Sokoloski Weill, in their home just northwest of the old Vermilion River bridge in Abbeville.

Topsy attended L.S.U. where he took part in R.O.T.C.  He served in the US Army as a commissioned officer.

He was killed in action in Italy, possibly Sicily, in May or June of 1944, having volunteered for a hazardous mission.

Topsy had four brothers, Karl, Herbert, Leonard, and Robert, at least two of whom, Robert and Leonard, also served in the military in World War II.

First Lt. William G. Weill is buried in the Hebrew Cemetery in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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