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World War II—Eleven Abbeville Heroes

 11.  Elson J. Landry

Elson J. Landry   Elson J. Landry memorial

Elson J. Landry was the son of Alphonse Landry and Olivia David.  He joined the U.S. Marine Corps.

He was with the U.S. Marines who landed on Peleliu Island in the Pacific on September 15, 1944.  The American generals had thought that the island could be taken in one or two days, but they had underestimated the tenacity of the Japanese soldiers, who had been taught never to surrender.  Cpl. Elson J. Landry was killed on Peleliu Island on September 22, 1944.

Elson was married to Leona Perkins Landry and had one son, Jerry, who now lives in Tennessee.

Elson’s siblings were Maxie Landry, who served as sheriff of Vermilion Parish in the 1950s and as chief of police of Abbeville for twelve years, Purvis Landry, Wilson Landry, Therese Landry Langlinais, Addie Landry LeMaire, and Hazel Landry Duhon, who many will remember as the mother of Abbeville super athlete and football legend, Bobby Duhon.

Many of Elson's blood relatives still live in Abbeville.

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