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Gary Theall Obituaries of the First 100 People Buried in
Graceland/New Masonic Cemetery,
Abbeville, Louisiana

Compiled by Gary E. Theall.


The establishment of the Graceland Cemetery was announced by the Meridional on June 27, 1908, as follows:

"New Cemetery.

"A few progressive people in Abbeville, believing that the day of the 'brierpatch graveyard' for the town, has passed have combined to establish a respectable cemetery for Abbeville and vicinity. They have secured four arpents of land, on Graceland Avenue in the North Eastern part of town, near the limits of the corporation. The ground selected is high and well located, on one of the widest and in future to be, one of the most beautiful streets of the town. The Avenue is sixty-six feet wide including the sidewalk.

"The cemetery is to be laid off into large family lots, with wide walks between. It is contemplated to spend a considerable sum of money on the cemetery, at once in the planting of trees, shrubbery and flowers, as well as in laying off and shelling wide drive ways through the cemetery. Family lots to be of various sizes some 50 feet square, some 40 feet square, some 25 and 20 feet square and less.

"Quite a number of families have spoken for lots already, and will remove their dead to the new cemetery, in time. Not much can be done before next winter. As this cemetery is located on Graceland Avenue, the name of 'Graceland Cemetery,' is suggested. When this project is further developed and the place is prepared for use, the public will be fully informed of terms and particulars."

The first person to be buried in Graceland Cemetery was Frank L. Wall, who died September 8, 1908, and who in his lifetime ran a hotel facing Magdalen Square (at the site of the present Young Eye Clinic) known as the "Wall House." He is listed as number 14 below, which means that the graves of numbers 1 through 13 were moved into Graceland Cemetery at some later time. Several of the other graves were also moved to Graceland Cemetery from elsewhere.

Originally, the Graceland Cemetery and the New Masonic Cemetery were separate entities, although they were side-by-side on the same four-arpent tract. On August 1, 1908, W. W. Edwards, William P. Edwards, C. J. Edwards, Sarah Edwards Petty, and J. Nelson Greene sold to the Abbeville Masonic Lodge Lot 1 of Rosedale Addition, being a tract of land measuring 192 feet on Graceland Avenue by 359 feet deep. From this tract the Masons created the "New Masonic Cemetery." The price was $200.00 cash. On May 1, 1909, the same sellers sold the adjacent tract of land to the west measuring 200 feet on Graceland Avenue by 358 feet deep to the Graceland Cemetery Association, a Louisiana corporation. Later, the cemetery was enlarged by adding property to the west and to the north of the original two tracts. On July 10, 1967, the Graceland Cemetery Association conveyed to Abbeville Masonic Lodge No. 192 F & AM, all of its interest in the Graceland Cemetery except for a fifty by fifty foot square in the northern portion of the cemetery, and the Masonic Lodge has maintained and operated the entire cemetery exclusively until 2002, at which time the Masonic Lodge turned over the management of the cemetery to a board consisting of representatives of fifteen community organizations.

The following is a compilation of the obituaries, or at least of the available death information, concerning the 100 people buried in Graceland/New Masonic Cemeteries having the earliest dates of death. In a few cases, initial burial was made in a different cemetery, and the graves were moved to Graceland/New Masonic at a later time.

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39.  Anna K. Patten Abadie

56.  John Baltzer

55.  Mary Jane Beasley

10.  Minnie Thomas Brinkman

91.  Miss A. E. Broussard

69.  Ella S. Broussard

68.  Marie Emerite Broussard

16.  Emily D'Arcy Buford

1.  Thomas Jefferson Buford

90.  Laura Ann Bullick

72.  Rose Burke

70.  Starr Elmore Burwell

47.  Joseph Julius Bussy

30.  George W. Caldwell

28.  Frances Ellen Campbell

87.  Levi Galloway Campbell

85.  Vincent Carlo

76.  Emma Bell Carter

9.  (Infant) Castanie

71.  Roy Chauvin

29.  Kate Chevis

75.  Lula Pearl Choate

51.  Louis F. Corrodi

37.  Sarah Creswell

50.  D. A. Curry

31.  Jessie Daniels

16.  Emily D'Arcy

61.  Alex Davidson

11.  Charles E. Dixon

8.   Charlesy Virginia Dixon

12.  Martha Hollingsworth Edwards

53.  Wakeman Wakeman Edwards

34.  Anna Mae Eldredge

94.  Daisy Alison Eldredge

35.  Margaret Eldredge

54.  Marion Langdon Eldredge

93.  Mary Emma Eldredge

52.  Clara Sophie Summers Ewing

58.  Rachel J. Fleming

78.  Bertha Rebecka Ramke Fletcher

84.  Clarie Stansbury Fletcher

88.  Hattie Fletcher

67.  Ovray Fletcher

65.  Annie (Anna) Garner (Garber)

81.  Reno Gaspard

27.  Louise Amilda Gibson

3.   Ida Gooch

4.   James Elijah Gooch

7.   John Milton Gooch

2.   William Silas Gooch

82.  Minos Talbot Gordy, Jr.

18.  William Graham

40.  Courtney Griffin

27.  Louise Amilda Gibson Griffin

88.  Hattie Fletcher Guidry

19.  Angie Bailey Haner

100. Laura Stephens Harrington

24.  Emma E. Hart

96.  John V. Hinckley

12.  Martha Hollingsworth

38.  Mary P. Walker Holmes

95.  Charles W. Howard, Jr.

19.  Angie Bailey Haner Huff

32.  Edward Wilson Huff

23.  Sarah Elizabeth Huff

98.  James R. Kitchell

33.  Joseph T. Labit

26.  Lizzie Lyons Labit

59.  Laura Belle Lewis

26.  Lizzie Lyons

43.  Lucinda Lyons

89.  Jeanette Mazerolle

99.  Grace McCarty

64.  R. J. G. McComiskey

73.  Velta M. Miia

76.  Emma Bell Carter Miller

37.  Sarah Creswell Montagne

46.  Ethel Clair Palmer

39.  Anna K. Patten

99.  Grace McCarty Poche

74.  Emmet Perkins Putnam

78.  Bertha Rebecka Ramke

25.  Robert R. Randel

44.  Frank Richardson

45.  Robert W. Richardson

79.  Charles F. Ritter

90.  Laura Ann Bullick Ritter

29.  Kate Chevis Shanks

55.  Mary Beasley Sirmon

77.  Richard G. Sirmon

36.  Susie Marguerite Sledge

21.  Rachael Stakes

57.  Burton C. Stansbury

84.  Clarie Stansbury

66.  H. J. "Hank" Stansbury

21.  Rachael Stakes Stansbury

86.  Mrs. Uriah W. Stansbury

49.  Anson W. Stebbins

83.  E. Marion Stebbins

24.  Emma E. Hart Stebbins

58.  Rachel J. Fleming Stebbins

42.  Albert Charles Steen

20.  Bernard Steen

15.  Clarence Steen

60.  Reuben Samuel Steen

100. Laura Stephens

52.  Clara Sophie Summers

46.  Ethel Clair Palmer Summers

22.  George Ewing Summers

10.  Minnie Thomas

68.  Marie Emerite Broussard Trahan

97.  Walter Van Slyke

89.  Jeanette Mazerolle Vitello

38.  Mary P. Walker

14.  Frank L. Wall

28.  Frances Ellen Campbell White

17.  Jeannette White

43.  Lucinda Lyons White

6.   Dr. William D. White

62.  Bert H. Wiggins

80.  Prudia V. Wiggins

13.  James Newton Williams

48.  Minor V. Williams

5.   Newton Purvis Williams

63.  Dr. E. P. Wilson

41.  Edwin Shields Wilson


1. Buford, Thomas Jefferson, born 1806, died 1888.

[No available information. This grave was apparently moved to Graceland at some time after 1908.]

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2. Gooch, William Silas, born 12-19-1872, died 10-27-1892.

Meridional 10-29-1892:

We learn with regret of the death of Wm. D. [sic] Gooch, Jr., which sad event occur[r]ed on Wednesday night after a short illness, at the home of his father near Perry's Bridge. Bud as he was familiarly known was just entering upon manhood and his death falls upon his family with more that the usual weight of sorrow. The bereaved ones have our fullest sympathies in the trying affliction they are called upon to bear.

Meridional 11-5-1892:

We are very sad to have to write of the death of Wm Gooch, junior, son of W. D. Gooch, one of Perry's most respected citizens. Bud (as we all called him) was a very promising young man just entering manhood, he would have been 20 years in December. Of more than ordinary intelligence, beloved by all, the old as well as the young were his true friends. The bereaved family have our sincere sympathy. We can truly sympathize with them as we have passed through the deep waters of affliction ourselves, but we have learned to trust our all to the mercy and goodness of our allwise God, who knoweth what is best for us. May God in his goodness pour the oil of healing on their torn and bleeding hearts, and may they be truly brought to say: "The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away, and blessed be the name of the Lord" and come out of their affliction as gold purified by fire.

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3. Gooch, Ida, born 7-9-1882, died 6-16-1895.

Meridional 6-22-1895:

Miss Ida Gooch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Gooch of Perry's Bridge, died last Sunday evening after a long and painful illness, which she bore with true Christian fortitude. She was just budding into maidenhood and her untimely death is a heavy misfortune to her family.

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4. Gooch, James Elijah, born 1-22-1845, died 3-10-1896.

Meridional 3-14-1896:

The deaths of Miss Maud Mills, Mrs. Sutton, Summerfield Stansbury and Mrs. Erastus Kibbe following each other in such rapid succession has caused almost universal mourning and bereavement and still there is a large sick list here. ...

Mrs. Nugier has been quite sick and is yet confined to her bed. Little Maurice Nugier has had the pnuemonia [sic] but is getting better. Mr. Elijah Gooch is quite sick. Mrs. Pete Clements is very sick. Little Norma Mills is getting better but still quite weak. Mrs. Dr. Hamblet and Miss Eva Sutton are slowly convalescing from pneumonia.

P.S.—Since the above is in type we learn that Mr. Elijah Gooch has died.—Publisher.

Abbeville Meridional 3-14-1896:

Elijah Gooch an industrious and energetic farmer residing near Perry's Bridge died of pneumonia last Tuesday morning. Mr. Gooch was a good citizen and his death is a loss to the community. He leaves a wife and several children.

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5. Williams, Newton Purvis, born 3-31-1878, died 1-15-1898.

[No available information, except that he was a son of James Newton Williams, first Vermilion Parish superintendent of public schools, and a brother of J. H. Williams, a later Vermilion Parish superintendent of public schools.]

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6. White, Dr. William D., born 8-21-1836, died 3-1-1898.

See picture

Meridional 3-5-1898:

In Memoriam.

Again the old Victor has come from heaven above,

And this time entered a home of joy and love,

And carried from there their dearest one

To dwell with the angels up above.

It has become our painful duty to record the death of our former physician Dr. W. D. White. His health has been precarious for some time. The work of Death was accomplished in a short while. A heart-stricken widow and eight orphan children weep in that sad homestead. He seemed willing to submit to the divine behest yet he had much to live for. His interest in this life was great. The benevolent soul poured out its sympathy, its tenderness and its assistance on all objects that came within the range of its influence. It was the joy of his heart to contribute to the comfort of others. But there were dearer objects to him than life itself. There was the gentle wife, the partner of his love, the cherished idol of his heart with whom he hoped to spend many more years of happiness and a group of children claimed a father's love and a father's care. But Death, inexorable Death, has severed them all. May his children become the children of their father in heaven that their father's abode may be theirs.

Yes beloved ones, his task was finished,

He had labor'd long and well,

Henceforth heaven's words of welcome,

Nevermore earth's sad farewell.

Weep not for him, beloved ones,

He is safe on the other shore,

You'll all meet there in heaven,

Where parting will be no more.

Rosa Mills, Perry, La.

[Dr. White was originally buried in the Old Masonic Cemetery, but his remains were moved to Graceland Cemetery after the death of his wife, Lucinda Lyons (see No. 43 below.)]

Meridional 12-19-1908:

Mrs. W. D. White, for many years a resident of Abbeville, and her daughter Mrs. W. O. Pipes, moved this week to Gueydan where they will make their home in the future. Mrs. Pipes was one of the first residents of Gueydan and is no stranger there. In common with their many friends we regret to lose such estimable people.

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7. Gooch, John Milton, born 9-3-1812, died 5-4-1903.

[No available information, except that he came to Vermilion Parish in 1887 from Lafayette County, Mississippi, to join his son, William D. Gooch, and was the patriarch of all of the Gooches in Vermilion Parish.]

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8. Dixon, Charlsey Virginia, born 3-19-1906, died 3-19-1906.

[See No. 11, Charles E. Dixon.]

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9. Castanie, (Infant), born 1-18-1907, died 1-18-1907 [5-11-1907?].

Meridional 5-18-1907:

Willie and Pliny Maxfield came over last Saturday for the funeral of Wm. Castinie's [sic] little boy. ...

Mrs. A. F. Maxfield, of Lake Charles, was here this week on a visit to her daughter Mr. [sic] William Castanie.

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10. Brinkman, Minnie Thomas, born 10-31-1871, died 4-18-1907.

[No available information.]

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11. Dixon, Charles E., born 8-25-1876, died 5-17-1907.

Meridional 5-25-1907:

C. E. Dixon Killed.

Moss Point, May 17.—At 11:30 o'clock this morning C. E. Dixon of New Orleans, foreman of the Chandler mill, one mile north of Scranton, was caught in a belt, carried around a shaft and instantly killed.

The deceased was married some two years since to Miss Sallie Alexander of this place, and the widow had the body brought here for burial beside the remains of their child [Charlesy Virginia Dixon—see above], in the new Masonic cemetery. The body reached here on the afternoon train Saturday and the funeral took place shortly afterwards.

Meridional 5-25-1907:

Robert Alexander, of Logansport, La., was in town Thursday, on a visit to his sister Mrs. C. E. Dixon.

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12. Edwards, Martha Hollingsworth, born 12-22-1832, died 3-2-1908.

See picture

Meridional 3-7-1908:

Mrs. W. W. Edwards

Mrs. Martha Hollingsworth, wife of ex-District Judge Wakeman W. Edwards, died at 8 o'clock Monday night, March 2, after a few days illness with pneumonia, at the family home, "Gray Friars." She was born Dec. 22, 1832, near Elkton, Todd county, Kentucky. A few years later her father judge Jephtha T. Hollingsworth moved to the vicinity of Sulphur Springs, Madison county, Miss., where he purchased a large tract of land and engaged in merchandising. Here, on Dec. 29, 1857, she was married to Wakeman W. Edwards, then a young attorney, and Representative in the Legislature from Conway county. She resided in that State during the war, at the close [of] which her husband emerged from the Confederate army to find that ruin and desolution [sic] had swept away his possessions. He moved to New Orleans, where he practiced law until 1875, when he located at Abbeville, where they have since resided. Although, almost an invalid for many years, her many friends were wholly unprepared for the suddenness with which she yielded to her last illness. Her long residence here, her culture and refinement and the quiet fortitude with which she bore the sufferings of declining years, made her influence felt beyond her home. She leaves a husband, Hon. W. W. Edwards, and three children, Dr. C. J. Edwards, Judge W. P. Edwards, of Abbeville, and Mrs. Geo. B. Petty of Chicago. Her remains were entombed Wednesday morning in the grounds of her home beneath the oaks in whose shade she had so often found repose while living. Rev. Hoffpauir, pastor, of the Methodist church, performed the last sad rites according to the ritual of that church of which she had long been a member.

[Note: Her remains were subsequently removed to Graceland Cemetery.]


Meridional 3-7-1908:

A Card.

We take this means of expressing our deep gratitude, and giving heartfelt thanks to all who by their presence and kindly ministrations, sought to aid and alleviate our distress in the illness and death of our beloved wife and mother, Mrs. Martha Hollingsworth Edwards, who departed this life, March 2, 1908.

Very sincerely,

W. W. Edwards,

Lizzie Edwards Petty,

C. J. Edwards,

Wm. P. Edwards.

Abbeville, La. March 6, 1908.

Meridional 3-7-1908:

F. J. Caldwell, of Bellerie, St. Landry parish, came down Thursday for the funeral of his aunt, Mrs. W. W. Edwards.

Mrs. George B. Petty of Chicago, arrived Monday night, having been summoned here by the illness and death of her mother, Mrs. W. W. Edwards.

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13. Williams, James Newton, born 6-24-1846, died 9-3-1908.

  See picture

Meridional 9-5-1908:

Death of James N. Williams.

Hon. James N. Williams, one of the most prominent and widely known citizens of the parish died suddenly of heart disease Thursday afternoon at his home near Henry in the second ward, aged 62 years, 2 months, and 10 days.

He was a native of Alabama and removed to this parish with his parents at the close of the Civil war and settled in Prairie Gregg where he resided until his death. He was a man of sterling integrity and positive convictions and always enjoyed the confidence and esteem of the people. He took an active interest in educational matters and for many years was Parish Superintendent of Education. His last official position was that of clerk of the Police Jury, which he held until last June. In 1895 upon the death of Alphonse L. LeBlanc, he became a candidate for sheriff and was defeated by J. Oscar Hebert by the narrow margin of thirty seven votes.

The death of Mr. Williams is a distinct loss to the entire community. Men of his fibre are rare and their loss is deeply felt and difficult to replace. We tender our deep sympathies to the bereaved ones and can offer no consolation greater than the respect for the honored name and record which he has left them as a rich legacy.

He is survived by his widow and three sons, Frank B. Williams of Erath, Hugh Williams of Alexandria and Henry Williams of Lake Charles. His funeral which took place yesterday afternoon was largely attended, interment being made in the cemetery at Henry.

[Note: His remains were subsequently removed to Graceland Cemetery in Abbeville.]

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14. Wall, Frank L., born 7-23-1839, died 9-8-1908 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 5-25-1907:

Lovelace Wall, of Orange, Texas, was here this week on account of the illness of his father. ...

Dr. William Wall, of Slaughter, came in last Sunday to see his brother Frank L. Wall, who has been quite ill.

Meridional 8-22-1908:

The many friends of F. L. Wall will be glad to learn that he has improved sufficiently to be able to sit up.

Meridional 9-12-1908:

Death of F. L. Wall.

Frank L. Wall, an old and highly respected citizen, died Tuesday night at his home in this town, aged 69 years, one month and 16 days. He had been confined to his bed for more than a year. Mr. Wall was a native of Wilkinson county, Miss., and served in the Confederate army during the civil war. In the latter part of sixties he removed to Vermilion parish where he continued to reside and engaged in farming. For a number of years he was in the hotel business and conducted the Wall House [present location of Young Eye Clinic] with marked success and to the satisfaction of the traveling public.

He is survived by his widow and one son, Lovelace, who is in business in Orange, Tex.

The funeral took place Wednesday afternoon, interment being made in Graceland, the new Masonic cemetery, and being the first person buried therein.

Meridional 9-19-1908:

A Card.

I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who so kindly assisted me during the illness and death of my beloved husband, especially do I wish to thank Mrs. J. E. Nettles and Mrs. C. J. Edwards, Dr. Schilling, Messrs. Sol. Isaacs, Lovic Moreland and Adolph Brasseux.

Mrs. F. L. Wall.

Meridional 9-19-1908:

Mrs. F. L. Wall has moved to Orange, Texas, where she will make her home with her son Lovelace. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Meridional 7-23-1910:

Mr. [sic] F. L. Wall and her daughter-in-law Mrs. Lovelace Wall, left Sunday for their home in Orange, Texas, after a very pleasant visit here.

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15. Steen, Clarence, born 11-18-1908, died 11-18-1908.

Meridional 11-21-1908:

The stork made a visit this week to the home of C. S. Steen, leaving two fine twin boys. Unfortunately one of them lived only a short while. The funeral took place Thursday afternoon.

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16. Buford, Emily D'Arcy, born 1818, died 1908.

[No available information.]

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17. White, Jeannette, born 5-10-1893, died 5-2-1909.

Meridional 5-8-1909:

A Sad Death.

One of the saddest deaths we have as our duty to chronicle is that of Jeannette, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. White which occur[r]ed last Sunday morning at the New Orleans Sanatarium [sic]. Death is ever tragic; but the taking of this sweet child, just budding into womanhood is inexpressibly pathetic. She was a student at Whitworth College, Brookhaven, Miss. when stricken with typhoid fever. Far away from home and a loving mother, her illness was so lightly regarded as to amount to neglect upon the part of the school authorities, and when her mother reached her bedside she had her removed to the New Orleans, Sanitarium, where despite the best of care and nursing she passed away. She was 15 years 11 months and 22 days old. Her remains reached here on the afternoon train Sunday and at ten o'clock Monday morning funeral services were held at the house after which she was laid to final rest in Graceland Cemetery. The afflicted ones have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

Meridional 5-8-1909:

Mrs. W. D. White, Mrs. H. B. White, Mrs. Carrie Pipes and Miss Womack came over from Gueydan last Sunday to attend the funeral of little Jeanette White.

W. A. White, formerly a prominent attorney of this place, now located at Covington, came in Sunday with his wife for the funeral of his niece Mess Jeanette White.

Meridional 6-26-1909:

In Memoriam.

"The living know that they shall die."

But, it matters not whether in the rose-tinted morning of sweet innocent baby-hood, or in happy forenoon of childhood, or in the full-orbed noon tide of young manhood or womanhood, like an unheralded thunderbolt it strikes down its victim buoyant with the prospects of life, or, when the evening shadows have grown long it quietly takes possession of the aged.

Death is always a tragedy, as deep and dark as can be woven of the warp and woof of hope and despair. Though we know that all who tread the earth and breathe the air, must cross the mysterious river from whence no mortial [sic] has ever returned. Yet, when the end comes and our loved ones are snatched from us, we are wholly unprepared for the sacrifice; our reason staggers, our faith goes back a pace, and our hearts are overwhelmed with profound sorrow and human understanding is turned to confusion. Most especially is this true if the loved one is a daughter, pure, chaste, modest, lovable, standing on the very threshold of womanhood full of hope and ambition to add joy and gladness to the world about her. Thus the departure of Jeanette White, the idol of her family, and loved by all who knew her, has left a vacancy that will never be filled.

"Not now, but in the coming years,

It may be in the better land,

We'll read the meaning of our tears,

And there, sometime, we'll understand.

We'll catch the broken threads again,

And finish what we here began.

Heaven will the mystery explain,

And then, ah then, we'll understand.

God knows the way He holds the key,

Sometimes, with tearless eyes we'll see;

Yes, there; up there, we'll understand."

A. S. N.

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18. Graham, William, born 5-4-1856, died 4-17-1910.

Meridional 4-23-1910:

William Graham, a well-known citizen of this place died Sunday night at his home east of town of apoplexy after an illness of a few hours. He was a native of Rapides parish, but had resided here and at Kaplan for the past ten years. He was 53 years and 9 months old and is survived by his widow and an only daughter, Miss Elinor. His funeral took place Monday afternoon, interment being made in the new masonic cemetery.

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19. Huff, Angie Bailey Haner, born 2-7-1851, died 11-7-1910.

See picture

Meridional 11-12-1910:

Mrs. Angie Bailey Haner Huff, wife of Deputy Sheriff Edward W. Huff, of the second Ward, died Monday at her home near Henry, aged fifty-nine years, nine months. She was a native of New Orleans, but had resided in this parish for the past thirty five years. She is survived by her husband, five sons, five daughters and one brother, H. C. Haner, of Crowley. The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon, interment being made in the new Masonic cemetery at this place. For 38 years she served faithfully as a loving wife and mother.

Card of Thanks.

We desire to thank our friends for the kind assistance rendered to us during the illness and death of our dear wife and mother, Mrs. E. W. Huff.

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20. Steen, Bernard, born 9-15-1898, died 11-8-1910.

Meridional 11-12-1910:

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. S. Steen suffered a sad affliction this week in the death Tuesday afternoon of their little son Bernard aged fourteen years, who died of typhoid pneumonia after a short illness. The remains were taken to New Iberia for interment. [Later removed to Graceland Cemetery.]

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21. Stansbury, Rachael Stakes, born 1834, died 11-21-1910 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 11-24-1910:

Mrs. Summerfield Stansbury.

Mrs. Summerfield Stansbury died Wednesday morning at her home in Perry's Bridge, aged 76 years. She was the widow of a prominent sugar planter in the days of open kettle sugar and had large family connections. She is survived by three sons, Hank J., of Centerville, Ivy L. of Perry, and Robert of this place, and four daughters, Mrs. John A. Fletcher, of Gueydan; Mrs. Gus. Ray of Houston, Tex., Mrs. Jeffr. Stakes, of Perry, and Mr. B. L. O'Bryan of Beaumont, Tex. The funeral took place Thursday morning, interment being made in Graceland Cemetery.

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22. Summers, George Ewing, born 1877, died 1910.

[No available information, except that he was a son of George W. Summers and Mary Alice Ewing.]

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23. Huff, Sarah Elizabeth, born 11-27-1822, died 1-7-1911.

See picture

Meridional 1-14-1911:

Mrs. S. E. Huff Dead.

Mrs. Sarah E. Huff, an old resident of this parish, died Saturday night at her home a few miles south of Abbeville, aged 88 years. She was born in Plaquemine, Iberville parish, on Nov. 27, 1822; shortly after leaving school she was married to Thomas L. Huff, who was sheriff of St. Mary parish in the early fifties. She was the mother of four sons and two daughters: Edward W., of this parish; George, of Vidalia; James of Eagan; W. D. Huff, deceased, of Lafayette; Mrs. James Pickett, of Elton, Mrs. S. Burris, of this place. Her funeral took place Monday afternoon, interment being made in Graceland cemetery.

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24. Stebbins, Emma E. Hart, born 3-17-1859, died 11-8-1911.

Meridional 11-11-1911:

Mrs. Emma E. Hart, wife of A. W. Stebbins, died at 1 o'clock p.m. Wednesday at her home in Gueydan aged 50 [sic, 52] years 7 months and 22 days. Her body was brought here on the morning train Thursday and inter[r]ed that afternoon in the New Masonic Cemetery. She is survived by 5 sons and 3 daughters. She was a devout and life long member of the Presbyterian Church.

Card of Thanks.

To all who so kindly assisted us materially and for all of their sympathy during the sickness and death of our dearly loved mother and wife we owe a debt of gratitude that we can never pay, and appreciate every kind thought every word of sympathy, and thank every one with all our hearts.

A. W. Stebbins & Family

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25. Randel, Robert R., born 9-20-1890, died 4-8-1912.

Meridional 4-13-1912:

Sad Suicide.

Robert Randell [sic], aged 21 years, son of D. V. Randel, a farmer residing about three miles east of town committed suicide about 9:30 Monday morning by shooting himself in the left breast using a single barreled shotgun. He left a note stating that he could not get ahead in the world; that the harder he worked and the more saved the less he had. He was a very quiet, industrious young man and highly esteemed. He was originally from Greencastle, Ind., coming here several years ago with his father and family. The coroner's inquest returned a verdict of suicide.

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26. Labit, Lizzie Lyons, born 7-2-1850, died 5-15-1912.

Meridional 5-18-1912:

Mrs. Jos. T. Labit.

Mrs. Lizzie Lyons, wife of Joseph T. Labit, postmaster at this place, died here Wednesday after a lingering illness, aged 61 years, 10 months and 13 days. She was the daughter of the late David M. Lyons, a prominent planter of ante bellum days. Mrs. Labit was a charter member of Lizzie Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, and an active spirit in all its functions. In the home Mrs. Labit had found her sphere of usefulness and few women better filled the position of wife and mother than did she, and in all the kindly ministrations of the neighbor and friend she never tired doing good.

She was the mother of five sons and three daughters: Frank C. Labit, postmaster at Crowley, Henry D. Labit, deceased; Howard Labit, of Houston, Texas; Willie Labit, of Dallas, Texas; Chester Labit of this place; Mrs. D. L. McPherson, Mrs. Albert Stauffer and Miss Ouida Labit. The funeral which took place Thursday morning with interment in the Graceland Cemetery, was largely attended. The funeral services at the grave were conducted by the Eastern Star.


Meridional 5-18-1912:

Card of Thanks.

I wish to express for myself, and the surviving members of my family, sincere thanks and profound appreciation for services rendered and attentions given to us during the last illness of my departed wife. The many tokens of friendship and evidences of love and esteem in personal attentions and floral offerings add a silver ray to the deep sorrow into which we have been plunged.

Jos. T. Labit

Meridional 6-8-1912:

Resolutions of Respect.

Whereas, the Great Ruler of the universe, in his infinite wisdom, has removed from our midst our worthy and esteemed sister, Mrs. Lizzie Labit, and

Whereas, the intimate relation held during many years by her with the members of the Order of the Eastern Star, makes it fitting that we record our appreciation of her; therefore,

Resolved, that the wisdom and ability she has exercised in aid of our chapter which bears her name, by faithful service, will be held in great remembrance.

Resolved, that the removal of such a member from "Lizzie Chapter" of which she was a charter member, leaves a vacancy and a shadow that will be deeply realized by all members of the Chapter and its friends, and it will prove a grevious [sic] loss to this town and community. In her death our Chapter has lost one of its most devoted members. Of her faithfulness all can testify. Her work has been well done, and she rests, but her lovable character lives on.

Resolved, that with deep sympathy for her bereaved family and friends we express an earnest hope that even so great a bereavement may be over-ruled for the highest good.

Respectfully submitted,

Mrs. J. E. Nettles,

Mrs. C. A. Schilling,

C. A. Schilling,


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27. Griffin, Louise Amilda Gibson, born 10-14-1865, died 7-29-1912.

History of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana (Vermilion Historical Society 1983), p. 161:

In 1882 Zack Lafayel [Griffin] married Marie Louise (Amilda) Gibson. She was the daughter of Arthur Joseph Gibson and Elizabeth West. … Louise Amilda and her family came to live in Vermilion Parish around 1870. Her father bought a farm south of Perry and he sold part of this land to Zack and Amilda when they married. Before coming here Amilda's family came from the New Iberia area.

Zack Lafayel and Louise Amilda had fourteen children who lived—Belle (Mrs. L. H. Noel), Theresa, James (married Angela LeBlanc), Jeanette (Mrs. L. H. Gulbrandson), Robert (married Honorine Berger), Alice (Mrs. Alphonse Gastal), Georgia (Mrs. Andrew Bothum), D. J. Zack (married to Paula Noel), Courtney, Louvina (Mrs. J. C. Hill), Marion (married Alie Richard), and Roberta (Mrs. John Vigneaux).

In 1912 Louise Amilda died.

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28. White, Frances Ellen Campbell, born 11-27-1830, died 9-6-1912.

Meridional 9-7-1912:

Mrs. John C. White died yesterday afternoon at 1:00 o'clock at the home of Ernest Richardson, her son in law, at the advanced age of 81 years, 9 months, and 10 days. She was one of the oldest inhabitants of the parish where she was born, Frances Ellen Campbell, in lower Vermilion in 1830.

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29. Shanks, Kate Chevis, born 1866, died 11-9-1912 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 11-16-1912:

Mrs. Kate Chevis Shanks, died Saturday at Sulphur, Calcasieu parish, after a lingering illness, aged 46 years. She was the youngest daughter of the late Dr. H. T. Chevis, one of the pioneer physicians of this section. She was married about twelve years since to John C. Shanks who with several children survive her. Her body was brought here Sunday and after services at the Methodist church, interred in the new Masonic cemetery.

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30. Caldwell, George W., born 5-10-1836, died 3-6-1913.

See picture

History of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana (Vermilion Historical Society 1983), p. 107:

George W. Caldwell married Eliza Ewing, daughter of Col. Elijah Ewing and Emeline Stansbury, and settled in Abbeville after the Civil War. During the war, he served with the confederate Army, fighting in Virginia with Hay's Brigade. The children of George and Eliza Ewing Caldwell were: Charles W., Vernon Lee who married Nellie Buford; Summerfield Lafleur who married Katherine Currie; Melinda Orme who married Louis Nussbaum, Editor of a Crowley newspaper; Alice Mary who married Emile Moresi; and Thomas I. who married Frances Wood.

George was a brickmason and contractor, and in 1901, he took his sons, Vernon and Summerfield, into partnership with him. They built a large steam brick works on the west side of the Bayou opposite the rice mill. The capacity of the plant was 30,000 bricks per day, which eliminated the need for importation of bricks into Abbeville. Gradually the old wood from buildings of the business district of Abbeville were replaced with handsome brick stores, and usually Caldwell Bros. was the contractor. They were the contractor for the beautiful Catholic Church, and later they were builders and owners, along with J. B. Miller, of the Audrey Hotel, the center of activity for so many years, across from the Courthouse Square.

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31. Daniels, Jessie, born 1911, died 6-12-1913.

Meridional 6-14-1913:

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Daniels of Milton, had the sad misfortune to lose their little three year old daughter Thursday after an illness of a few days. The body was brought here for interment in the Masonic cemetery. Mr. Daniels is the chief engineer at the Hunter Canal pumping plant and has a number of friends here who sympathize with him in his troubles.

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32. Huff, Edward Wilson, born 6-14-1844, died 8-11-1913.

See picture

Meridional 8-16-1913:

Edward W. Huff, a well known citizen of the second ward died at his home near Henry, on Monday at 9:30 a.m. aged 69 years. He was the son of Thos. L. Huff, sheriff of St. Mary parish before the war. When a mere lad he entered the Confederate army, becoming a member of Bailey Vinsen's noted company of rangers. After the close of hostilities he married and located in Vermilion parish, where he reared a large family. For a number of years he was a deputy sheriff and also served several terms as constable of the police jury. He is survived by two brothers, George Huff of Vidalia, James M. Huff of Crowley and one sister, Mrs. James Pickett, of Elton. His funeral took place here Tuesday afternoon interment being made in the Masonic cemetery.

His surviving children are Mmes. Lizzie Haner, Kate Hudson, Eddie Hinel [sic, Himel], Sallie Lee, Angie Morgan, Miss Lillie Huff and Messrs. Edward, Hunter, Clarence, and Tom.

Meridional 8-30-1913:


Edward W. Huff died at his home in Prairie Gregg near Henry, on Monday, August 11, at 9:05 p.m. at the age of 69 years and 2 months. He was the son of Thos. L. Huff and Sarah E. Wilson. He was born in Louisville, Ky., June 14, 1844; his [family] moved to this parish in 1869 from which [time] he resided [here]. He was a high sheriff for one term and for many years deputy sheriff. He leaves to mourn his loss two brothers, George and James Huff of Crowley; two sisters, Mrs. S. E. Burruss of Gueydan and Mrs. J. L. Pickett of Elton; and ten children, Mrs. L. E. Haner of Memphis, Mrs. K. B. Hudson of Beaumont, Mrs. Z. P. Himel of this place, Mrs. W. A. Lee of Gueydan, Mrs. W. W. Morgan of Beaumont, Miss Lilly Huff of this place, Thos. L. Huff of Galveston, E. W. Huff of Laurent, Hunter T. and Clarence D. Huff of this place. His wife preceeded [sic] him to the grave.

The Family.

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33. Labit, Joseph T., born 10-21-1846, died 11-3-1913.

See picture

Meridional 11-8-1913:

Joseph T. Labit.

Joseph T. Labit, postmaster at this place, and one of the oldest residents of the town, died at 7 o'clock Monday evening, after a brief illness, at the home of his son-in-law, Albert Stauffer, at the age of 67 years and 13 days. Mr. Labit was born in Terrebone [sic] parish on Oct. 21, 1846. During the civil war he enlisted in the confederate service in the 26th Louisiana Infantry, and was a gallant soldier being severely wounded at Port Hudson. Shortly after the close of hostilities he came to Vermilion Parish, where for a time he engaged in farming. In 1869 he entered the office of Clarke H. Remick, who had been appointed tax collector for the parish under the reconstruction constitution of 1868. He remained his chief deputy during his term of office. In 1873 during Grant's second term Mr. Labit was appointed postmaster at Abbeville, then the only post office in the parish. He held the position continuously until 1886, during Cleveland's first administration, when he was succeeded by Ophelias Bourque, whom he supplanted in 1890, upon the return to power of the Republican party under the leadership of Benjamin H. Harrison. With the election of Grover Cleveland in 1892, he was replaced by the late Jos. J. Abadie. In 1897 under the McKinley administration he was again reappointed and has remained continuously in office ever since, his present commission expiring only in April, 1915. He was thus in point of service, one of the oldest postmasters in the state. He was very prominent in Masonic circles; having been a charter member of Abbeville lodge No. 169, served as master of the lodge for many years, and a faithful attendant upon the meetings of the grand Lodge. He enjoyed the honor of "raising" as many novitiates in masonry as falls to the lot of any official in the order, and was unusually well posted on its ceremonial work. On Oct. 12, 1870, he was married to Miss Lizzie Lyons, and of this union were born five sons: Frank C., postmaster Crowley, La., Henry D. (deceased), J. Howard, Houston, Tex., Willie, Abilene, Texas, Chester A., Abbeville, and three daughters, Mrs. D. L. McPherson, Mrs. Albert Stauffer, Mrs. M. V. Williams, these together with his three brothers, Henry, John D., and Frank; survive. The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon, the ceremonies being conducted by the Masonic fraternity and many visiting craftsmen; interment being made in the new Masonic cemetery.

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34. Eldredge, Anna Mae, born 11-16-1910, died 2-6-1914.

Meridional 11-19-1910:

Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Eldredge have been receiving many congratulations this week over the arrival of a pair of pretty twin girls.

Meridional 2-7-1914:

Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Eldredge this week suffered a sad affliction in the death of their little daughter May. She was a twin and with her sister, were the pride of the family and the admiration of friends. She was taken ill Tuesday morning and died Friday morning. She was three years and three months old. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Four little girls, Della Broussard, Eugenie McHenry, Fro Broussard and Elve Dubus, acted as pall bearers.

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35. Eldredge, Margaret, born 11-16-1910, died 2-9-1914.

Meridional 2-14-1914:

With The Angels.

Little Marguerite, the remaining twin daughter of Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Eldredge, died Monday afternoon in New Orleans where she had been taken on Sunday in an effort to save her life. But care and skill were unavailing and her pure and gentle spirit took flight to the Great Beyond, to meet the little sister who had gone before. She was three years and three months old, and like her sister, was ill only a few days. Anna Mae, the first of the twins to die, was taken sick Tuesday and died Friday morning. Marguerite was taken ill that night and died Monday afternoon.

The death of these two little children was not only a terrible blow to the parents, but aroused the sympathies of the entire community, causing a shadow of gloom to fall athwart the thresholds of every one where the Angel of Death had passed in days gone by. It has been forty years since such a heartrending occurrence has taken place in this community, and that was when Dr. and Mrs. W. D. White lost two children within two days with scarlet fever and diphtheria.

Minden Signal, reprinted Meridional 2-21-1914:

Miss Annie Eldredge was called to New Orleans by the sudden death of two little neices [sic], twin daughters of her brother who resides in Abbeville. The circumstances of the deaths of those lovely children are touching sad and the innumerable friends of Miss Eldredge deeply sympathize with her in this dark hour.

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36. Sledge, Susie Marguerite, born 10-11-1910, died 4-4-1914.

Abbeville Progress, 4-18-1914:


One of the most beautiful things in this world so full of beauty, is life as it is seen in a sweet young child. Such beauty dwelt for a brief season in the home of the parents of little Susie Marguerite Sledge.

She was born Oct. 11, 1910, and died April 4, 1914, and was laid to rest April 5, 1914 in the cemetery near Abbeville, La., the writer conducting the funeral service, three and a half years of beautiful child life, the center of much joy to a Christian home, a few houses of suffering, and the life disappears from that home to bloom in, beauty unfading in a better, for did not the Master say "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." Little Susie was an only child and we do not wonder that it was hard for father and mother to give her up. The surrender was made in the sweetest Christian spirit and they write me this "We are so thankful that we had Christian parents who taught us to submit to His will. We have more to work for now than we had before."

"Life was so fair a thing to her

We wept and pleaded for its stay;

Our wish was granted us, for lo!

She hath eternal life today."


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37. Montagne, Sarah Creswell, born 4-5-1861, died 4-9-1914.

Abbeville Progress, 4-11-1914:

Mrs. Ernest Montagne.

Mrs. Ernest Montagne died at her home in this city Thursday evening at 6 p.m. at the age of 53 years and five days. The funeral took place from the residence yesterday evening at 3 o'clock, burial being made in the Masonic cemetery. The funeral was very largely attended.

Mrs. Montagne leaves nine children, Mrs. Louise Moss, Mrs. Nora Moss, Miss Belle Montagne, Raoul J., Ralph, Wilfred, Maurice, Maxie and Edgar Montagne, besides her husband and other relatives.

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38. Holmes, Mary P. Walker, born 1-18-1870, died 8-13-1914.

Meridional 8-15-1914:

Mrs. W. D. Holmes, died Thursday afternoon, Aug. 13, at 4 o'clock, at the residence of herself and husband, about 4 miles west of Perry's Bridge. She had been in failing health for several months past. She was 44 years of age and was a native of Lafayette county, Miss., but had resided here for more than 25 years. She is survived by her husband and nine children, four boys and five girls. She was a most estimable lady, beloved by all who knew her as was shown by the large attendance at her funeral Friday afternoon, where her remains were laid to rest in the Gooch graveyard opposite Perry's Bridge.

[Note: Her headstone in Graceland Cemetery also bears the inscription "Little Julia Holmes."]

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39. Abadie, Anna K. Patten, born 1844, died 9-23-1914.

History of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana (Vermilion Historical Society 1983), p. 67:

Jean [Abadie] settled in Vermilion Parish [about 1865] where he joined his brother [Louis Abadie] who was a merchant. Jean was a saddler by trade and said to be an excellent craftsman. He was one of the founders of the original French Society of Abbeville and served as Treasurer for many years. He was at different times an alderman of the town. He married Anna Patten, daughter of Robert F. Patten, who was a native of North Carolina but was living in Vermilion Parish in 1850 and at that time serving as Clerk of Court. Their children were Louis, who married Mary Lily Rice, Claude, Louise and Marie. ….Jean Abadie died July 8, 1902, and Anna Patten Abadie died September 23, 1914.

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40. Griffin, Courtney, born 11-10-1900, died 4-29-1915.

Meridional 5-1-1915:

Killed by Lightning.

Thursday afternoon about 4 o'clock, Courtnay [sic] Griffin, aged 16 years, son of Zach Griffin, a well known farmer of the 7th ward was killed by lightning. The unfortunate young man was walking across the field of Homer Guidry, when the bolt came almost from a clear sky. His cap was torn to shreds as were his shoes and the bottom of his pants. The deceased was a fine boy, well liked in the neighborhood and the distressed family have much sympathy in their sad misfortune.

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41. Wilson, Edwin Shields, born 2-16-1876, died 5-6-1916.

Meridional 5-13-1916:

Edwin S. Wilson, the manager of the [Abram] Kaplan canal interests in this parish, died Saturday at 8:30 p.m. in the Crowley Sanitarium, following an illness of nine weeks with typhoid fever and its complications. His body was brought here for interment, the funeral taking place Sunday afternoon from the residence of his father-in-law, Geo. W. Summer[s]. He was 40 years, 2 months and 20 days old at the time of his death. He was a fine business man and was held in high esteem by his employers and all who knew him. His widow, who was Miss Laura Summers, of this place, and two small children survive. For them, as well as the family, the community sorrow in the terrible bereavement which has untimely befallen them.

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42. Steen, Albert Charles, born 12-6-1891, died 12-30-1917.

Meridional 1-5-1918:

Abbeville has made the first sacrifice in the great war, the first one of her gallant sons has given his life in the service of the country. Albert C. Steen, aged 26 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. S. Steen died of pneumonia in the base hospital at Camp Sam Houston near San Antonio, Texas on Sunday, Dec. 30, 1917 at 7:15 a.m. His father and mother were with him when he died. His body arrived here Monday night and the funeral took place New Years day at 3 p.m. with masonic ceremonies. He was married only a few months ago, and his wife, a daughter of W. D. Holmes of Perry, together with his parents and family survive. To the afflicted one the sympathy of the community goes forth in all its ful[l]ness and we wish for them that comfort which time and faith alone can bring.

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43. White, Lucinda Lyons, born 11-15-1845, died 4-5-1918.

See picture

Meridional 4-13-1918:

Death of Mrs. W. D. White.

Last Saturday at 8 o'clock p.m. after an illness of several months Mrs. (Dr.) W. D. White, died at the home of her daughter Mrs. J. R. Kitchell, aged 72 years, 4 months and 21 days. Her maiden name was Lucinda Reeves Lyons, she being the daughter of Abram Lyons and Elizabeth Reeves. She was born Nov. 15, 1845 and was married to Dr. White in 1863 and located in Abbeville, where the doctor lived and practised his profession for many years. She is survived [by] two brothers, H. B. Lyons of Gulfport, Miss., and E. J. Lyons of Melville; two sisters Mrs. D. C. Rose of Crowley and Mrs. W. A. White of Bogalusa, and the following children: Mrs. J. R. Kitchell of Abbeville, Dr. H. B. White of Lake Charles, Dr. J. M. White of Gueydan, James E. and Thomas P. White of Crowley, Mrs. W. O. Pipes, Mrs. W. C. Bier of Crowley, Mrs. Rosa Sampson of Beaumont, Tex. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon from the Methodist church burial being made in the New Masonic cemetery, the casket containing the remains of her husband being placed in the same vault. [He had originally been buried in the Old Masonic Cemetery.]

Hers was a beautiful life, filled with good deeds and loving kindness. It was fitting that the fatal summons came, not in gloomy, dreary winter, but in the gladsome springtime, full of hope and brightness, as was her own disposition; that she should be laid to her final rest when the earth was carpeted with fresh verdure and sweet flowers. Nature had put on a soft, bright garb, and in bud and blossom symbolized the glorious resurrection which awaits beyond in the Great Eternity reached through that transition we call Death.

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44. Richardson, Frank, born 1897, died 10-14-1918.

Meridional 10-19-1918:

Frank Richardson, age 21 years, son of A. W. Richardson, police juror of the 3rd ward, died last week at Camp at Pensacola, Florida. His body arrived here Thursday and was buried that afternoon in the Masonic cemetery. He left $10,000 war insurance to his young sister and brother.

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45. Richardson, Robert W., born 1890, died 10-21-1918.

Meridional 10-26-1918:

Robert Richardson, aged 26, son of A. W. Richardson died this week at Sulphur of influenza. His body was brought here Thursday for burial. He leaves a wife and two small children. This is the second son Mr. Richardson has lost within a week.

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46. Summers, Ethel Clair Palmer, born 11-24-1883, died 10-22-1918.

Meridional 10-26-1918:

Mrs. Ethel Palmer Summers, aged 35 years, beloved wife of James A. Summers, died at her home here Tuesday at 5:30 a.m. after an illness of more than a week with influenza. She was a native of Baton Rouge and was loved by all who knew her for her many noble qualities. She is survived by her husband and one sister Miss May Palmer.

Meridional 11-9-1918:

Mrs. Ethel Palmer Summers.

Resolutions adopted by the members of the Lizzie Chapter of the Order of Eastern Stars.

Whereas, Almighty God in his infinite wisdom and love has removed from our midst our beloved member to a large field of greater usefulness, therefore be it now resolved -

1. That we, the members of the Lizzie Chapter No. 11 of Eastern Stars, have lost a most valuable member who [was] always faithful in the discharge of her duties as an officer, past matron and grand officer,

2. That we imitate her example of faithfulness to the chapter, and as well as her tireless service in behalf of the community at large.

3. That we extend to her loved ones our warmest sympathy, reminding them of that tender prayer of the Master, "Father, I will that they also, whom Thou has given Me be with Me where I am."

4. That this tribute of respect be placed upon the minutes of our chapter, and a copy published in the local papers.

Mrs. Summer Caldwell

Mrs. J. E. Nettles.

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47. Bussy, Joseph Julius, born 1880, died 10-25-1918.

Meridional 11-2-1918:

J. J. Bussy, formerly a druggist at Erath, died Friday of last week at his home in Lake Charles. He was a victim of the influenza epidemic. His body was brought here for burial and was interred Sunday in the New Masonic cemetery with Masonic honors.

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48. Williams, Minor V., born 1880, died 10-29-1918.

Meridional 11-2-1918:

M. V. Williams, aged 34 years, husband of Miss Ouida Labit, died Tuesday at his home in Baton Rouge after an illness of several days with influenza-pneumonia. The deceased resided here several years since and was employed as bookkeeper for John Anderson, dredging contractor, who dug the Intercoastal [sic] Canal from Vermilion Bay to White Lake. His body was brought here Wednesday and buried that afternoon with Masonic ceremonies in the new Masonic cemetery. He leaves a mother, wife and two small children.

Meridional 1-18-1919:

Resolutions of Respect.

To the Worshipful Master and Members of Abbeville Lodge No. 192 F. & A. M.

Your committee appointed to draft resolutions of respect to the memory of our deceased brother MINOR V. WILLIAMS, respectfully submit the following:

Whereas, the Supreme Grand Master and Ruler of the Universe has seen fit to remove from Abbeville Lodge No. 192, F. & A. M., our esteemed brother, Minor V. Williams, who departed from this life October 28, 1918, and

Whereas, Brother Williams has been an acceptable and examplary [sic] member of this Lodge, has been an honored member of society, a kind and helpful friend, a loving husband, a useful and loyal citizen,

Resolved, That in his death Abbeville Lodge has lost a worthy member, his family a loving husband and son and society one of its valuable citizens,

Resolved, That we commend his devotion to duty, his worthy example as a citizen and his integrity as a man and a mason to the brethren,

Resolved, That his virtue as a citizen and Master Mason are worthy of the honor, esteem and respect of this lodge and that in token thereof for the memory of our departed brother, Abbeville Lodge No. 192, F. & A. M. be draped in mourning and that the members of the lodge wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days.

Resolved, That the secretary of our lodge is hereby insturcted [sic] to set aside a page of our record book for recording of these resolutions, that they be published in the local papers and that a copy be furnished to the widow and father of our deceased brother as a token of our condolence and sympathy in their sad bereavement.

Respectfully submitted,

H. A. Broussard,

J. E. Aikens,

J. H. McCann,


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49. Stebbins, Anson W., born 2-10-1855, died 4-2-1919.

Meridional 4-5-1919:

Anson W. Stebbins, aged 64 years, died suddenly Wednesday morning at his home in Lake Charles. He was a native of Madison County, Miss. and had lived in this State for a number of years. He is survived by his wife, three daughters and five sons, one of whom is Frank C. Stebbins of this town.

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50. Curry, D. A., born 5-1-1835, died 4-22-1919 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 4-26-1919:

Mr. D. A. Curry, father of Mrs. Jos. S. Ewell died here Tuesday night after an illness of a few weeks. He was born May 1, 1835, and was nearly 84 years old. He lived for many years at Evergreen, Avoyelles parish where he was a merchant. For several years he had made his home here with his daughter, and was highly esteemed. The funeral took place Thursday afternoon in Graceland cemetery, services at the grave conducted by the masons of which order he had long been a member. A good man has been gathered to his fathers. May his eternal soul rest in peace.

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51. Corrodi, Louis F., born 1857, died 9-12-1919.

See picture

Meridional 8-23-1919:

L. F. Corrodi, the well known photographer was on the sick list this week.

Meridional 9-13-1919:

Louis F. Corrodi, aged 61 years, and for many years a photographer here, died yesterday morning following an illness of several weeks. He is survived by his widow and three daughters, Misses Cora, Sadie and Mattie.

Meridional 9-30-1919:

Miss Edna Gillen, daughter of Capt. Robert Gillen, who for many years was a resident of Abbeville, returned Monday to her home in Morgan City, after spending several days here. Miss Gillen came over to attend the funeral of Mr. L. F. Corrodi.

C. R. Yancy, proprietor of the Yancy Studios, left Sunday for his home in Alexandria, having come here to attend the funeral of Mr. L. F. Corrodi.

Meridional 9-30-1919:

Card of Thanks.

We desire to express our sincere thanks to our friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy extended to us during the illness and at the death of our beloved father and husband, Mr. Louis F. Corrodi.

The Family.

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52. Ewing, Clara Sophie Summers, born 1855, died 3-9-1921.

Meridional 3-12-1921:

Mrs. H. C. Ewing.

On Wednesday morning, March 9th, 1921, at 4:05, at her late home near Abbeville, Mrs. H. C. Ewing (nee) Clara Sophie Summers, was called to that great beyond from whence no man returneth. She was 66 years old and is survived by her husband; one brother, Mr. Geo W. Summers. Five sons, Eligie, Arthur, Henry, Vernon Ruberb; Two daughters, Misses Fannie and Addie Ewing.

The funeral was held at the residence on Thursday, the 10th, at 10 a.m. Interment was made in the Masonic Cemetary [sic].

Mrs. Ewing lived the greater part of her life here in Vermilion, and was loved by all who knew her. Besides the family, she leaves a large host of warm friends to mourn her untimely death.

To the bereaved family we extend our sympathy.

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53. Edwards, Wakeman Wakeman, born 9-13-1826, died 3-10-1921.

See picture

Meridional 3-12-1921:

Judge Wakeman W. Edwards.

On Thursday morning, at 7:55, at his late home "Grey Frairs [sic]" in Abbeville, Wakeman W. Edwards, was called to that great beyond from whence no man returneth. He was 94 years, 5 months and 27 days old.

He was born at Charlton, Saratoga county, New York; September 13th, 1826. In 1847 he entered Union College at Schenectady, New York, from which he graduated with the degree of A. B. in the class of 1850.

About 18 months previous to the close of the war [he] was conscripted into the Confederate Army, the company of which he became a member, formed a part of Bell's regiment; Harthorne's brigade in this he served until the close of the war.

He was admitted to the bar in Louisiana and practiced law in Vermilion a number of years.

During Gov. Nichols administration when the "regulators" were committing many depredations Wakeman W. Edwards was appointed by the Gov. to serve an unexpired term as Judge of this Parish, until the expiration of the term. He continued the practice of law until 1905 when he was obliged to retire on account of defective hearing.

In 1857, Judge Edwards was married to Miss Martha Hollingsworth, to this union three children were born, the late Dr. C. J. Edwards, former editor of the Meridional, Mrs. Elizabeth Petty, and Ex-Judge William P. Edwards.

During the many years he lived here he won the respect of the entire community. He was an upright law abiding citizen. In him the Meridional has lost a grandfather, and we shall miss him.

The funeral took place from the residence at 3:00 p.m. Friday March 11th, with Masonic Ceremonies. Interment being made in Gracland [sic] Cemetery.

Meridional 3-19-1921:

Resolution of Respect.

To the Worshipful Master and Members of Abbeville Lodge No. 192 F. & A. M.:

Your committe[e] appoint[e]d to draft resolutions of respect to the memory of our deceased brother Wakeman W. Edwards respectfully submit[s] the following:

Whereas, the Supreme Grand Master and Ruler of the Universe has seen fit to remove from Abbeville Lodge No. 192, F. & A. M. our esteemed brother Wakeman W. Edwards, who departed from this life March 10, 1921.

Whereas, Brother Edwards has been an acceptable & examplary [sic] member of this lodge, has been an honored member of society, & a kind and helpful friend, a loving husband a useful and loyal citizen.

Resolved, That in his death Abbeville Lodge has lost a worthy member, his family a loving father and society one of its valuable citizens.

Resolved, That his virtue as a citizen and Master Mason are worthy of the honor, esteem and respect of this lodge, and that in token thereof for the memory of our departed brother Abbeville Lodge No. 192 F. & A. M. be draped in mourning and that the members of this lodge wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days.

Resolved, That the secretary of our lodge is hereby instructed to set aside a page of our record book for recording of these resolutions, that they may be published in the local papers, and that a copy be furnished to the family of our deceased brother as a token of our condolence and sympathy in their sad bereavement.

Respectfully submitted,

V. L. Caldwell

H. A. Broussard

J. R. Kitchell,


Meridional 3-19-1921:

Judge Wakeman Wakeman Edwards.

Words can but feebly express the poignant grief of those whose nearest and dearest have been taken from them. Yet it seems fitting to attempt some expression of appreciation of a life so nobly spent that the mere mention of his name—Judge Wakeman Wakeman Edwards stirs the imagination.

All of us, at some time in our lives, set up ideals. Few of us are able to hold to them. That ability to map out one[']s course in life with precision, and hold to that course in spite of adversity or handicap, is the quality that singles such a man out from the crowd and sets him in the front rank of men. Such a man was he.

The details of the life on one whose memory could leap back over nearly a century would make an interesting chronicle. His life spanned a most important period of developement [sic] in the United States—from the time of ox-cart and flat-boat methods of travel to automobiles, submarines and aeroplanes[. F]rom the day when New England and the Coast States were the center of our civilization, to the present wonderful development of the South and West. From that period when each small community was self-sustaining—the days of homespun and the wooden plow—through to the era of industrialism and great cities, all interdependent. From days of slavery through the war for freedom—from the days of the private still to National Prohibition, and so on through the whole category of human at[t]ainment of the 20th Century. Such details would serve as a background against which to picture more vividly the true worth of his character, but they cannot be given here, although he has carefully chronicled them.

The lessons which I have learned from my all-too-brief years of close association with him is this: that through war and peace, through panic or prosperity, in youth or in old age, he has never allowed himself to be swerved from the right. His integrity, high-mindedness and never failing good judgement carried him over every period and from each he emerged with greater knowledge, a deeper serenity, and increased faith in the ultimate triumph of good.

The Civil War swept away his possessions, at a time in life when many men are about to retire and he was forced to start life over with only his knowledge to help him. Yet he was undaunted. By careful management he so arranged his affairs that the fruits of his labors in these later years of his life provided him his cherished home "Grey Friars," and every comfort he wished in his old age. And he lived in the truest sense of that word. Until he was ninety years of age his study of Astronomy gave him much solace and enjoyment and even after he was forced to give up the use of his telescopes, he daily observed all natural phenomena of the heavens. He translated the Greek and Roman masters, read history, studied the exact sciences and played his violin until failing sight compelled him to abandon them. Yet although thus removed from the main current of the stream of life, he remained always on the very edge of that current and kept in touch with every phase of life. He never grew old. His carriage was erect, his memory keen, his reasoning powers active, his humor unfailing, his faculty of observation remarkable and his spirit bouyant [sic].

Neither his family nor his friends, nor this community can yet fully realize how much they have lost. His work for education, Justice, Civic betterment and honesty in public affairs will stand as a lasting monument to his memory. And above all that subtle influence of a noble life, so difficult to describe, but so far reaching in its effects, has left its impress upon the Parish where he has lived and labored for nearly 50 years. It is vastly better and richer for his having lived.

All whom [sic] knew him cannot fail to be different because of his love of Truth and Beauty, and his towering strength to stand for those ideals which, in every age, have signified the best there is in humanity.

In his family and with those who had the rare privilege of know[i]ng him intimately, his lovableness and humor, together with that tenderness and spirit of chivalry which so often accompanies strong character, undiscovered or unrecognized by many, found free and daily expression. To them he bequeaths the possession of his influence upon their thoughts and aspirat[i]ons. And so, those who are left, saddened by the loss of his counsel and guidance, may gain some measure of comfort from the fact that, through our lives we may place and keep him among the Immortals, for "His influence, since it changes us and subtly touches, through us, our children and our friends," is "immotral [sic]."

Ruth Chadwick Edwards. [Daughter-in-law]

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54. Eldredge, Marion Langdon, born 5-24-1848, died 6-9-1921.

Meridional 6-11-1921:


At his home in Abbeville, on Thursday, June 9th, 1921 at 9:45 p.m. Marion Langdon Eldredge, aged 73 years and 16 days.

Mr. Eldredge was an old and highly respected citizen of this parish having come here when quite a young man. He was born in Alabama. He was married in 1874 to Miss Daisey Allison, of this union five children were born, four surviving, Dr. H. A. Eldredge, George Eldredge, Mrs. Carli Burgois and Mrs. J. Goodwin. Mr. Eldredge served in the legislature and was also at one time President of the School Board. He was a useful and honored citizen and always carried the esteem of all who knew him. His funeral took place Friday at 3:30 and was largely attended. Interment was made in the New Masonic cemetery.

Mr. Eldredge is survived by a wife and four children. And to them we extend our deepest sympathy in their darkest hour of sorrow.

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55. Sirmon, Mary Beasley, born 7-8-1845, died 9-10-1921.

See picture

Meridional 9-17-1921:

Gone To Her Reward.

Mrs. R. G. Sirmon passed from life to her eternal reward from her home near Abbeville, on Saturday September 10th, 1921, at 2:30 o'clock p.m., aged 76 years, 2 months and 2 days.

She had been ill for quite a while and the coming of the silent messenger was looked upon without fear. Relief from the pain and suffering of this world came in the natural course of time—she having rounded out the three score and ten years allotted mankind. She thought of the parting with loved ones as but temporary—looking for a blessed reunion in that home where pain and sorrow have no being.

Mrs. Sirmon, whose maiden name was Mary J[ane]. Beasley, was born in Conneichu [sic, Conecuh] County, Ala., July 8th 1845, and died at her home near Abbeville, on Sept. 10th, 1921.

Before leaving her childhood home in Ala., she was married to Mr. R. G. Sirmon, and shortly afterward (1867) they moved to this state, settling in Caldwell parish, near Columbia.

After a few years residence at that place they moved to Grant parish and made their home near Colfax. Later on they settled near Boyce, where they made their home until they removed to this place in 1893.

She leaves a husband, R. G. Sirmon and three sons, Tom, of Markham, Tex., B. E. of Gueydan, and Jewell, of Abbeville, and one daughter Mrs. S. D. Rowe, of Gueydan, to mourn her loss.

Mrs. Sirmon was one of the most lovable of characters—true Christian in the fullest meaning of the word, and loved and respected by all who knew her. her many friends and acquaintances will remember her as one gifted with a true appreciation of the things of life—spreading happiness and joy throughout the long course of her life. Every one who came in contact with her felt the che[e]ring influence of her presence and now that Death's messenger has summoned her hence, we not only grieve at her loss, but feel a keen sense of regret that the world has so few like her.

To the bereaved ones who have suffered the loss of the best and truest of friends, the Meridional extends its sincerest sympathies.

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56. Baltzer, John, born 6-13-1879, died 10-6-1921.

Meridional 10-15-1921:


At Touro Infirmary in New Orleans on Oct. 13th, at 2:00 a.m. John Baltzar, beloved husband of Alice Caldwell, born June 13, 1879.

Mr. Baltzar had been in failing health for several months and all that medical skill and loving hands could do was done. He was a man of many fine qualities who endeared himself to all who knew him. To know him was to love him.

His suffering he bore with great fortitude and he smiled always.

His remains were brought here for burial near his wife's relatives. Funeral services was [sic] held from the residence of his brother in law, V. L. Caldwell. Interment was made in the Masonic cemetery.

To his bereaved wife we extend our deepest sympathy.

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57. Stansbury, Burton C., born 3-10-1907, died 10-7-1921.

Meridional 10-15-1921:

Gone To Rest.

On October the 7th, at 1 o'clock p.m. occurred the death of Burton C. Stansbury, the 14 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ivy Stansbury, at their home in Perry, La.

Death came as a surprise to all. The young man was in town Thursday in company with some of his friends, & upon reaching home he was stricken with illness and death ensued in less than 24 hours.

He was a bright boy and endeared himself to all who knew him, and he will be lovingly remembered by a host of friends and acquaintances.

The funeral took place Saturday, burial being made in the Masonic Cemetery near Abbeville.

The Meridional joins the great multitude of friends and relatives in expressions of sincerest sympathy to the bereaved ones in this their darkest hour of sorrow.

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58. Stebbins, Rachel J. Fleming, born 12-20-1834, died 6-17-1922.

Meridional 7-1-1922:


On Sunday, June 18th. at the home of her son, E. M. Stebbins, after an illness of a few hours, Mrs. R. J. Stebbins, aged 87 years.

Mrs. Stebbins was a native of Madison County, Miss., but had resided in Abbeville for several years. Her remains were laid to rest in the Masonic Cemetery with Presbyterian ceremonies on Sunday afternoon. The funeral was largely attended.

To the family we extend our sympathy.

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59. Lewis, Laura Belle, born 12-18-1921, died 8-23-1922 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 8-26-1922:


At the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Lewis, on Wednesday, August 23rd, 1922, at 12:30 p.m., Laura Belle Lewis, aged 9 months and 5 days.

The funeral was held on Thursday Aug. 24th, at 3 o'clock p.m., from the Methodist Church, interment in the Masonic cemetery.

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60. Steen, Reuben Samuel, born 7-6-1896, died 11-1-1922.

Meridional 11-4-1922:

Fatal Accident.

On Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock Reuben S. Steen was accidentally killed at the Steen Syrup factory while attempting to stop a leak in the blow off pipe. It seems that he had gone to the rear of the boiler for the express purpose of checking the leak, and while at work thereon the threads on the pipe, which were known to be very weak, gave way and the pipe blew out striking him on the head causing instant death.

Mr. Steen was a native of this section and stood high in the estimation of all who knew him. He was one of the most apt and progressive young men of the community, and had he lived he would soon have been looked upon as one of its leading citizens.

He was married in the summer of 1919 to Miss Thelma Brunette Scharff, a daughter of Mr. Henry Scharff, also of this place. Shortly after their marriage they removed to San Domingo, where they remained until this summer, when Mr. Steen returned to become associated with his father, Mr. C. S. Steen in the business of manufacturing syrup. He was 26 years of age.

The funeral took place Thursday from the family residence, funeral services being conducted by the Masonic Lodge of this place. Interment was made in the Graceland Cemetery.

Besides his wife he leaves a father and mother, two brothers and two sisters, also a host of other relatives and friends to mourn his untimely taking off.

The Meridional joins the community in expressions of heartfelt sympathy for the bereaved in this their darkest hour of affliction.

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61. Davidson, Alex, born 1860, died 11-14-1922.

Meridional 11-18-1922:

At Welsh, La., on Tuesday, November 14, 1922, at 2:00 p.m. Alex Davidson, aged 63 years, 10 months and 1 day.

The funeral was held from the residence of F. W. Chapman, in Abbeville, La., on Thursday, November 16, at 9 a.m. Burial was made in Graceland Cemetery.

Mr. Davidson for a number of years was a resident of Abbeville, but a few years ago he moved to Welsh.

To the bereaved family we join their many friends in extending to them our de[e]pest sympathy.

Welsh Journal, reprinted Meridional 12-2-1922:

Alex Davidson Dies Here Very Suddenly.

Stricken With Heart Failure While At Work Tuesday.

The community was very much shocked Tuesday afternoon on learning that Mr. Alex Davidson had suddenly dropped dead at 1:00 P.M. while at his work in the city market. Death was due to heart failure, from which the deceased had been suffering for some time, but apparently not seriously.

Mr. Maurice Trahan, Mr. Davidson's son in-law, who was with him at the time noticed that he was not feeling well and asked permission to take him home, or to call a doctor, but Mr. Davidson replied that was not necessary, that he would be feeling all right in a few minutes. However, noticing that his condition was growin[g] worse, Mr. Trahan called for Dr. Arceneaux, who arrived just as Mr. Davidson was breathing his last.

The remains were taken in the hearse of Miller Hardware & Furniture Co., early Wednesday morning to Midland where it was placed abo[a]rd the train for transportation to Abbeville, deceased's old home, at which place funeral services were conducted Wednesday.

Deceased was a native of Vermilion parish, a live long resident of Southwest Louisiana, a man of wide acquaintance, highly respected by many friends. He was 63 years, 10 months and 1 day old at the time of his death.

Deceased is survived by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Maurice Trahan, a son, Percy Davidson, who had been employed at the R. Smith store, the past three years, and a number of other relatives.

He and his wife came to Welsh about two years ago, since which time he had been associated with Mr. Trahan in the conduct of the City Meat Market.

The deep sympathies of many friends here in Welsh are extended to the bereaved family.

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62. Wiggins, Bert H., born 1922, died 1922.

[No available information.]

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63. Wilson, Dr. E. P., born 1876, died 1-10-1923 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 1-13-1923:

Dr. E. P. Wilson.

Died at his home in Houston, Miss. Wednesday Jan. 10th, at 3:30 P.M. His remains were brought to Abbeville, Friday, January 12, and interment was made in the Masonic Cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by the Masonic Lodge of this place.

Dr. Wilson was married to Miss Fadra Holmes in the Summer of 1921 and since then they had made their home in Houston, Miss.

The sincerest sympathy of the Meridional goes out to the bereaved ones in this their darkest hour of grief.

Meridional 1-20-1923:

Funeral Sermon of Dr. Wilson, of Houston.

Dr. E. P. Wilson was born in 1876 at Slate Springs, Miss. His father, Rev. T. H. Wilson was a minister of the Baptist Missionary Church and for twenty years was moderator of the Zion Association. His mother was Mrs. Angelin Isabella McKey Wilson. The influance [sic] of this christian mother and father showed its effect in the early life of Dr. Wilson. He united with the Baptist Church at the age of fifteen and has been very active and loyal in the support of the Kingdom's work, giving freely and liberally.

He had his high school course at Slate Springs and Bellefontaine, and had his college course at A. & M. His first year there was under the Administration of General Lee and the other years were under the first years of Mr. Hardy['s] superintendency. During his college training at A. & M. he took special training in chemistry with the view of having this special preparation for his medical course which he had at Memphis medical College. Later he specialized in X-Ray & laboratory work at Tulane University New Orleans. For two years after his graduation he practiced his profession at French Camp and after that time came to Houston.

In 1917 he volunteered for service in the World War and was commissioned as a Lieutenant of the Medical Corp, First Aid, First Corp, First Division. He was assigned to aviation section which was stationed at San Antonia [sic], Texas. He was afterward transferred to Harrisberg, Penn., & here received his 33rd, degree in Masonary [sic]. From Harrisberg he was transferred over seas where he remained for perhaps fifteen months. During this time he was in the Army of Occupation for nine months and took part in the drive at Saint Mihael [Michel?]. After being discharged from the army he returned to Houston and since this time has done the laboratory and X-Ray work of the Houston Hospital.

On January 3rd, he was taken suddenly ill with pnuemonia [sic] of which he died at 3 P.M. January 10, 1923. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Farda [sic] Holmes Wilson and two brothers, Mr. Walter Wilson of Ethel, Miss. and Mr. Fox Wilson of Mathiston, Miss.

In the death of Dr. Wilson his relatives and friends have suffered an irrepairable [sic] loss. He was a fine Southern, Christian gentleman and won the respect and love every one who was associated with him, and was known and loved all over the state of Miss. He was a man of unassuming manner, but a man of indomitable will and great firmness of purpose. He was gentle and kind, but firm, and sure in all he undertook. In his profession he was highly respected and honored. He was elected secretary of the North Eastern Miss. Medical Association a short while before his death.

In the quiet and efficient fulfillment of his duty and in his unfailing loyalty and devotion to his family & friends, Dr. Wilson proved himself a great man and we feel that, in the words of the poet, he has left his foot prints on the sands of time for the emulation of others.

He was accompanied to his last resting place, at Abbeville, La., by his brother, Mr. Walter Wilson, his nephew, Mr. J. T. Wilson, and also by three friends from Houston. Letters and telegrams of regret have come to the bereaved from all parts of the State of Miss. and other places where he was known, and it should be a source of comfort to them that he was so loved and honored. And certainly this love and admiration is a reflection of what he gave, for he followed the creed of the Poet, who said:

I hold that Christian Grace abounds

Where charity is seen; that when

We climb to heaven 'tis on the rounds

Of love to men.

Tis not the wide phylactery,

Nor stubborn fast, nor stated prayers,

That makes us saints; we judge the tree

By what it bears.

This I moreover hold and dare,

Affirm where'er my words may go—

Whatever things be sweet or fair

Love makes them so.

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64. McComiskey, R. J. G., born 4-11-1860, died 1-18-1923 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 1-20-1923:


At his residence in Abbeville, La., on Thursday, Jan. 18th, 1923, at 6:20 p.m. R. J. G. McComiskey, aged 61 years, 9 months and 7 days.

The funeral services were held at his late residence on Friday Jan. 19th at 3:30 p.m. Burial was made in Graceland Cemetery.

Meridional 2-3-1923:

Resolution of Condolence and Sympathy.

Resolved that we extend our Sister and co-worker Mrs. R. J. G. McComiskey our sincerest sympathy and love in the great bereavement she has sustained in the death of her beloved husband and while we know that our words are inadequate to express the sorrow she feels, we know that she will turn to Him that is our only true comforter and that He will sustain her for He doeth all things well. That a copy of these resolutions be spread on the minutes and be published in the local papers.

Presbyterian Ladies Auxiliary.

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65. Garner [Garber], Annie [Anna], born 1863 [1836], died 2-4-1923.

Meridional 2-10-1923:

An Obituary.

Mrs. Anna Garber was born in Switzerland on August 2nd, 1836 Died February 4th, 1923 Abbeville, La. She was married fifty years ago, and came to America in 1821 [sic], she has one daughter and one brother left here to mourn the loss of departed mother and sister, but their loss is heaven's gain, as she was a true christian character, and a devoted mother to her family. She has been a member of the Presbyterian Church for years and was very devoted to her church, and her Lord who was a great comfort to her during her life of service in the world. Her funeral was preached in the home of her brother, and her body laid to rest in the Masonic Cemetery. F. M. Miller the pastor of the Methodist Church officiating. Abbeville, La.

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66. Stansbury, H. J. "Hank", born 12-2-1858, died 5-23-1923.

Meridional 5-26-1923:

Called to His Reward.

Mr. H. J. Stansbury, a well known and prominent citizen of this city passed quietly away at the home of his son Remy in New Orleans, on Wednesday, May 23rd, at 7 o'clock A.M.

Mr. Stansbury was 64 years, five months and 21 days of age, and leaves a host of relatives and friends to mourn his loss.

The funeral was held at the Methodist church here Thursday afternoon at 5:00 o'clock. Burial was made in the Graceland Cemetery.

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67. Fletcher, Ovray, born 1919, died 9-18-1923 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 9-22-1923:

Accidental Shooting.

One of the sad[d]est accidents of the year occur[r]ed Tuesday when little Ovray Fletcher son of Mr. and Mrs. Ovray Fletcher, of this place came to his death by a gun shot wound inflicted by his older brother who was handling the proverbial "unloaded gun." It seems that Monroe Fletcher, aged 14 aimed the gun which he believed to be empty at his little brother aged four, with the usual deplorable results. The charge for the gun striking the little fellow just above the left eye caused instant death.

His remains were laid to rest in the Graceland Cemetery.

"Leaves have their time to fall,

And flowers to wither at the north wind's breath,

And stars to set; but all,

Thou hast all seasons for thine own, O Death!"

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68. Trahan, Marie Emerite Broussard, born 5-15-1868, died 10-20-1923 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 10-27-1923:


Mrs. Marie Emerite Trahan, (Nee Broussard) was born May 15th, 1868 in Vermilion Parish. Died October 20th, 1923 in her home near Abbeville, La.

She was united in marriage to Mr. Arthur Trahan, January 16th, 1882. To this Union one child was born, Louise, who was present when the End came, to mo[u]rn the loss of true and loving, as well as a faithful Christian Mother, Sister Trahan proffessed [sic] Religion several years ago and united with the Presbyterian church of Ab[b]eville, and has lived a consistent Christian life until the Lord said; come up higher to be with God, and all of the Redeemed. She was sick for many months, but was kind, and patient in all of her suffering, and remained true to her Lord who gave her the calm release from this world, and an Entrance into that city whose builder and maker is God.

Sister Trahan loved her Church and was a willing worker as long as she was able to go about, and after she was unable to attend upon the ordinances of the church, she enjoyed talking with all Christian people, who loved the Lord, regardless of what church affil[i]ation they may have pos[s]essed, having a very high regard for all good people. She was ever ready for any good work and exemplified in her daily life Faith, Hope, and Charity, the grand principles of a life with Christ. She rests from her labors, but her works will ever follow her. Truly a Mother in Iseral [sic] has fallen. Husband, Daughter, Brothers, and relatives weep not as those who have no hope, for you know where to find her, she cannot Come to you, but you can go to her. Her going should enhance the value of heaven to you, there by making it more attractive. Her funeral service was held in the Presbyterian Church of Abbeville where she held her membership, by F. M. Miller the Pastor of the Methodist Church of Abbeville and the Body was laid to rest in the Masonic Cemetary [sic], to wait the resur[r]ection morning.

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69. Broussard, Ella S., born 1887, died 1923.

[No available information.]

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70. Burwell, Starr Elmore, born 10-1-1856, died 4-19-1924.

[The only available information is found in History of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana (Vermilion Historical Society 1983), p. 222, where it is stated that Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Burwell came to Abbeville about 1918 to be with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Moist, and that Mr. Burwell was an active Mason.]

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71. Chauvin, Roy, born _______, died 11-11-1924 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 11-22-1924:


On Tuesday, Nov. 11, 1924, at 2:30 P.M., Roy Chauvin departed this life.

He was an ambitious youth just budding into manhood, and it was sad to see his life cut down so soon, but God in his infinite wisdom knows best and does all things well, and "All things work together for good to them that love him."

A few days before his decease he accepted Jesus as his Saviour, so we know that all is well with his soul.

He is now basking in the bright sunlight of God's love,

He, in the Masonic Cemetery softly sleeping,

Where the flowers gently wave

Lies our beloved one at rest forever in his lonely new-made grave.

Gone from sister, brother, father and mother,

The sorrow your departure gave, we alone can tell,

We miss thy kind and gently face,

We miss thee everywhere,

You are dwelling in the land of love.

To his bereaved family we extend our deepest sympathy and commend them to the Saviour who alone can give real comfort to the broken hearted.

Contributed by Mrs. Robt. Chauvin.

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72. Burke, Rose, born _____, died 12-17-1924.

[No available information.]

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73. Miia, Velta M., born 1919, died 1924.

[No available information.]

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74. Putnam, Emmet Perkins, born 8-4-1856, died 2-2-1925.

Meridional 2-7-1925:

Gone To Rest.

On the evening of Monday, February 2, at the hour of 6:45, the Grim Reaper removed from our midst, Mr. Emmet P. Putnam, one of our best known and most highly respected citizens.

His death, which was the result of a lingering illness of two years duration, oc[c]ur[r]ed at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. J. O. Broussard, of this place.

The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon, at 4:30 with Rev. R. R. Diggs of the Episcopal church officiating. He was laid to rest in the Graceland Cemetery.

Mr. Putnam was a son of J. M. Putnam and Mary Spe[a]ring, and was the last of seven sons to pass to the great beyond. He was born August 4, 1856, and was 68 years, 5 months and 28 days old at the time of his death.

He received his education in the very best schools that New Orleans possessed at that time, and there the groundwork of a long and useful career was laid. At an early age he was confirmed in the Trinity Church of New Orleans, and remained a member of the organization throughout his life.

In the year 1879, on the 5th of March of that year, he was united in wedlock to Miss Emily McWhan, and to this union six children were born: Mrs. F. A. Godchaux of New Orleans, Mrs. R. T. Torian of Houston, and Mrs. J. O. Broussard, Mrs. J. Perry LeBlanc, Mrs. Lloyd Stansbury and Mr. E. P. Putnam, Jr., of this place.

He came to Abbeville from New Orleans in 1886 and for more than 20 years was actively engaged in the cotton business. Two years ago he returned to New Orleans where he was connected with the Vermilion Farms Co., as one of the main officers of that organization.

He was a member of the Traveler's Protective Association at the time of his death, and had at one time been an active member in the Knights of Pythias.

Mr. Putnam was a devoted husband and kind and loving father as well as a polished southern gentleman of the old school. We feel that the world is better for his having lived, and that his memory will have a firm abiding place in the minds and hearts of all who knew him.

With the passing of Mr. Putnam we record another vacancy in the ranks of the old time Southern nobility. Those sturdy, just and dependable men of the old days are rapidly passing from us, and we know that their places can never be filled—there seems to be a quality of manhood lacking that the present day cannot supply.

The Meridional extends its sincerest sympathies to the sorrowing relatives.

Meridional 2-14-1925:

Card of Thanks.

We wish to tender our sincere thanks to those who so kindly assisted us in our recent bereavement.

Mrs. E. P. Putnam & family.

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75. Choate, Lula Pearl, born 1-3-1924, died 2-11-1925 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 2-21-1925:


Little Lula Pearl Choate, Infant Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Choate, was born January 3rd. 1924, here in Abbeville, and departed on February 11th. 1925, age 1 year 1 month and 8 days. Her life was indeed very short in this world, but long enough to gain the love and admiration of those who knew her, as well as to indelibly stamp her beautiful nature in the lives of Mother, Father and three brothers, besides a host of relatives and friends who had the pleasure to see her. Now while her departure from this life has made a vacant chair which never can be filled in the home, and an aching void in the hearts of parents which only Christ can fill, yet we know where to find her, we cannot call her back to us, but we can go to her. And while we feel our loss, we shall not grieve as those who have no hope, but think of her as now enjoying Eternal life with the Angels, and Archangels, and all of the redeemed of God.

While she is not in our midst, still in our memories linger[s] her beautiful life, and precious influence. But let our loss be Heaven's gain, so her going will enhance the value of Heaven to us.

Funeral services were held at the home of the parents and interment made in the Masonic Cemetery, by Rev. F. M. Miller, Methodist Pastor.

Card of Thanks.

We desire to express our many thanks to the good people of Abbeville, and especially to the "Eastern Star" for the many kind and loving deeds and words of sympathy during the sickness and death of our daughter, "Lula Pearl Choate."

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Choate.

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76. Miller, Emma Bell Carter, born 1-11-1866, died 3-5-1925.

See picture

Meridional 3-7-1925:


At her home, near Abbeville, La., on Thursday, March 5th, 1925, at 3 a.m., Mrs. Emma Belle Carter, wife of B. H. Miller, aged 59 years, 1 month and 24 days.

The funeral was held on Thursday afternoon, March 5th, from the residence to the Methodist Church where services were held. Interment was made in the Graceland Cemetery.

Meridional 3-14-1925:

Mrs. Emma Belle Carter Miller

Whereas, God in his infinite wisdom, has deemed it best to remove from our midst our beloved member, Mrs. Emma Belle Carter Miller to a larger field of greater usefulness, therefore be it resolved, that we the members of the Order of the Eastern Star, have lost a most valuable member, who was always faithful in the discharge of her duty—That in our loss we despair not, but may we imitate her example of faithfulness and set our hearts and hands to work before us. That in extending our sympathy to her loved ones, we do so with the confident belief that she has gone to her reward as a result of a well spent life, That these resolutions be entered upon the minutes of our Chapter O.E.S., and a copy be sent to the local papers.

Mrs. J. E. Nettles,

Mrs. G. J. Griffin,

Mrs. J. R. Kitchell.

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77. Sirmon, Richard G., born 3-8-1841, died 6-22-1925.

See picture

Meridional 6-27-1925:

Richard G. Sirmon.

Richard G. Sirmon, for many years a prominent citizen in the affairs of Vermilion parish, passed quietly away Monday, June 22nd, at 9 o'clock p.m. at the St. John's Hospital, Lafayette.

Mr. Sirmon was 84 years, 3 months and 24 [sic, 14] days of age, having been born in Conecuh county, Ala., on March 8th, 1841.

He moved to Louisiana shortly after the Civil War and for a number of years resided near Boyce. Thirty-two years ago he came to Vermilion parish and bought a home about five miles west of Abbeville, where he resided until the death of his wife which occurred some five years ago.

Mr. Sirmon was a man of unblemished character, a staunch and reliable citizen and a christian and life-long member of the Methodist Church.

He is survived by several children and a host of friends who regret the passing of one of Nature's noblemen.

The funeral took place Tuesday, June 23rd, with services at the Methodist Church in Abbeville, and the body was laid to rest in the Graceland Cemetery.

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78. Fletcher, Bertha Rebecka Ramke born 5-29-1878, died 7-6-1925.

Meridional 7-11-1925:


Mrs. Bertha Rebecka Fletcher, (Nee Ramke) was born here in Vermilion Parish, May 29th, 1878. Died in Touro Infirmary in New Orleans, July 6th, 1925. Age 47 years, 1 month, 7 days. She gave her heart to God while just a girl and united with the Lutheran Church, (The church of her parents) but on account of that church not being organized in this place, she united with her husband in the Methodist Church over twenty years ago, and lived a faithful member of the same until the Lord Said, Well done come up higher to be with God. She was united in Holy Wedlock to Ernest C. Fletcher, Sept. 2nd, 1896. To this union eigh[t] children were born, four girls, and four boys, all of whom are living and were in attendance at the last sad ceremonies of their God given Mother. Sister Fletcher had been in very poor health for almost a year, but the news of her death came a[s] a great shock to all who knew her as the general public were of the impression her general health was improving, but with the best aid that could be found the end came at an unexpected time, however not before she was prepared, for those who are prepared to live are prepared to die. She was a great believer in prayer and often told her pastor she enjoyed the prayer of the people of God who prayed in the sick room when here daughter was so near death's door two years ago. She was a loving self sacrificing mother, A true and faithful wife, and a God given blessing in the home, for the Bible says a good wife is of the Lord. Sister Fletcher was very kind and patient in all of her sickness and suffering, and trusting in God for grace received it until the end came, and became victorious, leaving this world triumphant. For we know if our earthly house of this tabernacel [sic] were desolved [sic], we have a building of God a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. The funeral services were conducted in the Methodist church by her Pastor, and burial was made in the Masonic cemetery where the Eastern Star's of which she was an honored member, used their beautiful ceremony in placing all that was mortal of their departed sister to Rest. Husband and Children grieve not as those who have no hope, for you know where to find here, you cannot call her back but you can go to her. Her departure from this world should make Heaven more attractive to you and enhance the value of heaven to all.

F. M. Miller, Pastor.

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79. Ritter, Charles F., born 5-19-1846, died 12-1-1925.

Meridional 12-5-1925:


In Abbeville, La., on Tuesday, December 1st. 1925, at 11:45 P.M., Charles F. Ritter, aged 79 years, 6 months and 12 days.

Funeral was held from the Ritter home on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd. Interment was made in the Graceland Cemetery here.

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80. Wiggins, Prudia V., born 1859, died 1925.

[No available information.]

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81. Gaspard, Reno, born 3-14-1907, died 3-19-1926.

[No available information.]

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82. Gordy, Minos Talbot, Jr., born 9-29-1864, died 8-8-1926.

See picture

Meridional 8-14-1926:

Judge Minos T. Gordy.

Judge Minos T. Gordy died at his home in Abbeville on Sunday, August 8, at 10:15 p.m. aged 60 years, 10 months and 9 days. The funeral took place Monday at 6 p.m., from the residence to the Graceland Cemetery. Services were held at the residence, with Masonic services at the grave.

He is survived by his widow and the following sons: John Collins, born Sept. 8, 1897; Walter Haynes, born May 18, 1899; and Minos T. Jr., born Feb. 28, 1900; also the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. Chas. A. O'Neill and Mrs. R. E. O'Neill, of Franklin; Mrs. Frank Conway and Michael Gordy, of New Orleans, Mrs. Emma Crawford, of Lake Charles, La.; and W. B. Gordy, of Abbeville.

Mr. Gordy was throughout his mature manhood a prominent figure in both local and state affairs. Born in St. Mary parish on Sept. 29, 1865 [sic, 1864], son of Minos T. and Betty Ann (Johnson) Gordy he received his earlier education in the public schools of Franklin, later attending the Rugby Academy at the same place. In 1880 he entered the Louisiana State University from which he graduated with the degree of B. S. in the class of 1883. After his graduation he spent some time clerking in stores in Franklin and Abbeville, and it was while employed in the latter place that he became interested in the study of law and began reading under the direction of the law firm of White & O'Bryan, of Abbeville. In 1888 he entered the law school of Tulane University, from which he graduated with his legal degree in the class of 1889, and shortly thereafter began practicing in Abbeville. In 1890 he was appointed district attorney by Gov. Nicholls, to succeed R. C. Smedes, who died in office. In 1892 he was elected to the office to succeed himself, and in 1896 was re-elected, serving until 1900. In 1898 he was also elected and served as a member of the Constitutional Convention of that year. In 1900 he was elected district judge for a term of four years, and by virtue of his office as district judge he also served on the bench as a judge of the Court of Appeals. He was also appointed by Gov. Sanders as a member of the Criminal Code Commission charged with the work of codifying the criminal laws of the State of Louisiana. Since 1904 Judge Gordy had practically retired from political activities and confined himself to the private practice of law.

On April 28, 1896, Judge Gordy was married to Miss Laura Gage Haynes, of Wilkinson County, Miss., to which happy union the following children were born: John Collins, Walter Haynes and Minos T., Jr.

Judge Gordy was a man of unusual strength of character, and this quality combined with exceptional abilities and keen sense of justice did much to check the condition of semi-anarchy that prevailed in this parish in the early 90's. He will be remembered here as a staunch and upright citizen—standing "four-square" to the world—a terror to evil doers.

The part he played in local and state affairs is well known to all, and needs no comment here—his life and actions were above reproach—and even his enemies—if he had any—will probably admit that at this hands they received fair treatment, and—justice.

A good man has left us for the "undiscovered country"—and while we hesitate to murmur against the decrees of him who doeth all things well we cannot help but feel that the place made vacant can never be filled—we will never see his like again.

"Unbounded courage and compassion join'd,

Tempering each other in the victor's mind,

Alternately proclaim him good and great,

And make the hero and the man complete."


Resolutions of Condolence.

Whereas, Our heavenly Father has seen fit to call him our Brother Minos T. Gordy, Sr., and as his place in our Chapter and in our hearts and lives must forever be vacant, and

Whereas, We mourn the departure of our beloved brother from the circle of our Chapter, yet knowing that he has gone to a higher brotherhood, to merge in nobler duties and in heavenly work, to find rest from earthly labor and freedom from earthly cares, therefore

Be it Resolved, That Lizzie Chapter Number 11, Order of the Eastern Star, does sincerely and deeply sympathize with his immediate family and relatives in their bereavement, and

Be It Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be spread upon our minutes and published in the local papers, and that a copy be mailed to the family.


P. E. Wilson

Birdie Kitchell

Stella M. Williams



Resolutions On the Death of Judge Minos T. Gordy.

To the Worshipful Master and Brethren of Abbeville Lodge No. 192, A. F. & A. M., of the Grand Jurisdiction of Louisiana.

We your committee appointed to draft suitable resolutions on the death of Brother Judge Minos T. Gordy, beg leave to report the following:

Whereas, it has pleased the Grand Master of the universe to call from our midst, recently, our beloved brother Judge Minos T. Gordy; and

Whereas, Judge Gordy was long a faithful and upright member of Abbeville Lodge No. 192 A. F. & A. M.; and

Whereas, Judge Gordy was not only an upright Mason, but was also one of the leading and foremost citizens of the community and state in which he lived; one who always had courage to announce publicly and fight for his convictions; one who hated and denounced wrong and injustice; one who always stood for the enforcement of law, for orderly conduct and for clean morals and living in the community and State in which he lived; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, that in the death of Judge Minos T. Gordy this Lodge has suffered irreparable loss; that Louisiana has been deprived of a faithful guardian of Her Peace and Dignity; that this Community has lost one of its foremost citizens and that his family has been bereft of a kind and tender loving husband, father and friend.

Be it further resolved, that this Lodge and the members thereof tender to the bereaved family of Brother Minos T. Gordy their sincere sympathies in this the hour of profound sorrow; and that copies of these resolutions be given to the press for publication and that a copy of the same be given to the family of the deceased.

J. R. Kitchell,

S. P. Watts,

V. L. Caldwell,


Meridional 9-25-1926:

Court met this day with Hon. W. W. Bailey, Judge presiding.

Resolutions Adopted By The Abbeville Bar

September 2nd., 1926, upon being informed of the death of Judge Minos T. Gordy.

WHEREAS, it has pleased an all Wise Providence to take from our midst JUDGE MINOS T. GORDY, a member of the Abbeville Bar.

AND WHEREAS, Judge Gordy was for years in the public service of the State of Louisiana, first as District Attorney, then as a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1898, and as Judge of the Seventh Judicial District Court of Louisiana;

AND WHEREAS, in each of said capacities he served the State of Louisiana with unquestioned courage, zeal and ability;

AND WHEREAS, in the practice of his profession at the bar with equal zeal and ability he protected the rights of his clients before the Courts, always practicing his profession in an elevated and honorable manner and always strictly observing the highest ethics of the profession;

AND WHEREAS, Judge Gordy as a man and as a citizen stood at all times for the general welfare and for moral cleanness in the community in which he lived and for the due enforcement of law, actively always opposing wrong and injustice with all the forces at his command.

THEREFORE be it resolved by the Abbeville Bar that in the death of JUDGE MINOS T. GORDY this Bar has suffered irreparable loss and this community and the State of Louisiana one of its most distinguished and useful citizens.

Be It Further Resolved that each member of this Bar and the Judge of this Court extend their deepest sympathy to the family of Judge Gordy and that these resolutions be spread on the Minutes of this Court, that a copy of same be given to the press for publication, and a copy be sent to the family of the deceased.


J. R. Kitchell

Wm. P. Edwards

Jno. Nugier

Committee on Resolutions

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83. Stebbins, E. Marion, born 2-2-1857, died 8-14-1926.

Meridional 8-21-1926:

E. M. Stebbins.

Mr. E. M. Stebbins, one of Vermilion's most substantial and progressive citizens died at his home here Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock after a very brief illness. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon at 6:00 interment being made in the Graceland cemetery. The funeral services were conducted by Revs. Marion Melvill and B. O. Wood.

Mr. Stebbins was 69 years of age, and the greatest portion of his life had been spent in Vermilion parish. He is survived by his widow, and two children: Mrs. Utley, of New Orleans, and Wilbur Stebbins, of Gueydan.

Mr. Stebbins was for many years actively engaged in the lumber business here and was widely acquainted with the citizens of the parish. At one time (1904-8) he served the people as a member of the Police jury, and in 1920 he was elected to the Town Council of Abbeville, where he served with distinction, always having the welfare of the community at heart.

He was a man of many admirable qualities, a devout christian and life long member of the Presbyterian church. His keen sense of fair play and justice was never confused by selfishness and greed, and it can be said of him that he practiced the golden rule. What more can be said of any man? The memory of his many kind acts and words will linger with us until we too, are called to the final reckoning.

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84. Fletcher, Clarie Stansbury, born 3-4-1855, died 10-4-1926.

Meridional 10-9-1926:

Gone To Rest.

The Master has deemed it best to call from the walks of this life, and from the bosom of her family, our friend, Mrs. John Fletcher.

It was our personal privilege to know her for many years, and recognized in her a kind and loyal friend, a faithful and loving wife and a devoted mother. Her home and children was the altar on which she offered daily the sacrifice of all her time and care to make home a cheerfully, loving abiding place for her family and friends. The quality of unselfishness in her daily life was beautiful to see—her thoughts and desires and plans were not for her own comfort in any way, but she lived and planned and labored for the welfare of others. She rang true in every walk of life, a friend in need and a friend indeed. A woman worthy in every respect, our high regard and affection for her as a christian friend and Mother and our deep appreciation of her faithfulness in all her duties will be an influence in our lives to be remembered long. The end of this busy life of service and love came quietly on Monday Oct. 4th at 6:35 a.m. Surrounded by friends and loved ones and with the courage and faith that had characterized her all through life, she faced the crossing of the river. We shall sadly miss her presence and in the sadness of our own heart we find no word of comfort to speak to her loved ones, save to point them to Him who has said, "I am the way. Whosoever believeth in me shall have ever lasting life."

We extend our deepest sympathy to the sorrowing family and friends and we pray that God's richest blessing and tenderest care may attend them all along life's toilsome way.

"Tender, gently, brave and true

Loving us whatever we do

Waiting, watching at the gate

For the footsteps that were late

That was ever Mother's way."

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85. Carlo, Vincent, born 5-6-1891, died 10-21-1926.

Meridional 10-23-1926:


At his home in Abbeville, La., on Thursday, October 21st, 1926, at 12 o'clock p.m., Vincent Carlo, aged 35 years, 5 months and 15 days.

The funeral was held on Friday, October 22nd, at 4 o'clock from the residence to the Presbyterian Church. Interment in the Graceland Cemetery.

Meridional 11-6-1926:

Resolutions of Respect.

WHEREAS, it has pleased our ALMIGHTY COMMANDER, the Giver of all things, to remove from the midst of our forest, our late and esteemed sovereign, VINCENT CARLO:

AND WHEREAS, we bow in humble submission to the decree of Him who doeth all things well;

AND WHEREAS in the demise of our sovereign, the Camp has lost a true, tried and loyal member—one devoted to the principles of Woodcraft as enunciated by its tenets;

AND WHEREAS, his widow and children have been bereft of a devoted husband and a loving father; and that the community has suffered the loss of an exemplary and law-abiding citizen;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by Abbeville Camp No. 7, Woodmen of the World, that we go on record extolling the virtues of our deceased sovereign, sympathizing with the bereft ones and fondly and firmly believing that God, in His infinite wisdom, will care for the unfortunates who are left bereft;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED ETC., that these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of this Camp, and that copies thereof be furnished the family of our deceased sovereign, and that same be published in the local papers.

R. J. LaBauve,

Chairman, Resolution Committee.

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86. Stansbury, Mrs. Uriah W., born 1851, died 11-26-1926 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 12-4-1926:


Mrs. U. W. Stansbury died Friday, November 26th, at 10 o'clock a.m., at her home South of Perry. The funeral took place Saturday afternoon, with services conducted by Rev. Roy of the Abbeville Methodist Church. Interment was made in the Graceland Cemetery.

Mrs. Stansbury was 75 years of age and is survived by her husband and the following sons and daughters: Mrs. L. C. Haynes, of Port Arthur; Mrs. E. M. Crone, of Beaumont; Mrs. C. C. Haynes and Mrs. F. H. Haynes, of Abbeville; Mrs. S. J. Butaud, of Port Neches; Mrs. Eno Lacour, Miss Daisy, Messrs. George, James and L. J. of Perry; and Mr. Russell Stansbury of Abbeville.

The deceased was a faithful and consistent member of the Methodist Church and died in the assurance of a glorious hereafter.

Her many relatives and friends, though realizing that she had overreached the span of three-score and ten years allotted man, grieve nevertheless that she has passed beyond the veil where there is so much of the Master's work that remains undone. All those who mourn, but not without hope, look forward to a happy reunion in the better world. Our loss is her infinite gain.

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87. Campbell, Levi Galloway, born 10-6-1842, died 12-20-1926.

Meridional 12-25-1926:

Death Claims Aged Citizen.

Levi Galloway Campbell, one of the most prominent citizens of Vermilion parish, died at his home here Monday, Dec. 20, at 4:20 p.m., at the ripe age of 84 years, and a few days. The funeral took place at 4 o'clock Tuesday, Dec. 21st, from the Methodist Church with Rev. Roy officiating. Interment was made in the Graceland Cemetery.

Mr. Campbell was born on Oct. 6th, 1842, his parents, Levi Campbell and Delcina Landry, were living in what is now known as the Esther section at the time. At the age of 18 he entered a military school located in the northern part of the State. While in attendance at this school war was declared between the States, and he immediately volunteered to serve with the Southern Confederacy. He served nearly four years in the Army of Virginia, but about six months before the close of the war he was wounded and compelled to remain in the Louisiana Hospital at Richmond, Va., for six months. On his recovery from his wound he was discharged from service and immediately returned to his home. About three weeks after reaching home peace was declared. He remained on the old homestead until 1873, when he moved to western Texas, near Rockport, and engaged in the cattle business for two years. Finally in 1875 becoming tired of the cattle business he returned and again took up his residence on the old farm. On Oct. 19 of the same year he was married to Mary P. LeBlanc to which union the following children were born: Alcibiades J., Peter N., Calvin C., Willie, Juanita, Lillian and Lovelace.

About 10 years ago he moved to Abbeville where he spent the remainder of his days. He is survived by his widow and the following children: Alcibiades J., Peter N., Calvin C., Juanita, and Lovelace.

Mr. Campbell was a gentleman of the old school, thoroughly imbued with those sterling qualities characteristic of the men of his day and time. He did his work cheerfully and well and left the world better than he found it.

He was widely known throughout this and surrounding parishes and highly esteemed and respected wherever known. He was one of the few remaining veterans of the "Lost Cause" who could paint a vivid word picture of those soul-stirring times immediately preceding the outbreak of the Civil War.

A host of friends and admirers join the Meridional in sincere expressions of sympathy for the bereaved family.

Meridional 1-1-1927:


L. G. Campbell entered into rest December 20th, 1926, after a long and strenuous battle between life and death. He did not tire of living. To him life with his children was but a joy and happiness. He added to the sum of human joy, and was never too busy to practice the small sweet courtesies of life, ever greeting his loved ones with loving smiles and tender words. He saw the angel of Death enter the house and there came with her all the daughters of compassion, and opened to him God's snow white throne—in his weakness black turned to snow white.

He committed the Scriptures to memory and lived accordingly. He never attended church regularly, but practiced the parable, "Enter into thy closet and close the door and pray to thy father in secret and he that see'th in secret shall reward thee openly."

Mr. Campbell was born in Vermilion parish in 1842. His father was L. H. Campbell of Oglethorpe County, Georgia, and his mother was Dulcine Landry of Abbeville. He spent his early boyhood in Vermilion Parish and attended the public schools of the Parish. He served nearly four years in the Civil War. He was married to Mary P. LeBlanc, March 19, 1875, and to this union eight children were born, of which five survive, besides his widow.

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88. Guidry, Hattie Fletcher, born 6-21-1886, died 2-6-1927.

Meridional 2-12-1927:

Called Home.

Mrs. Leon Guidry died at her home near Perry, La., Sunday, February 6th. She was, before her marriage Miss Hattie Fletcher, daughter of John E. Fletcher, who for many years resided in the Seventh Ward near Perry, but for some time past has been a resident of Lake Arthur.

Mrs. Guidry is survived by the following brothers: Ernest S. of Jefferson Island; John E., of Kaplan; and Luther and Sam, both of Lake Arthur; also the following sisters: Mrs. Geo. Abraham, of Gueydan; Mrs. Frank Vollmer, of Illinois; and Mattie and Eula, of Texas.

Funeral took place Tuesday from her late residence, interment in Graceland Cemetery, with Rev. Roy of the Methodist Church, officiating.

Funeral arrangements were in charge of Bernard and Dauterive Undertaking Company.

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89. Vitello, Jeanette Mazerolle, born 1886, died 7-13-1927.


Meridional 7-16-1927:

Called To Her Reward.

It is with a feeling of inexpressible sorrow that we chronicle the death of Mrs. J. A. Vitello, which occurred at her home here Wednesday afternoon at 2:58 o'clock, after a lingering illness.

Mrs. Vitello, whose maiden name was Jeanette Mazerolle, was 41 years of age. She was a native of Abbeville and lived here all her life. In the year 1900 she was united in marriage to Mr. J. A. Vitello. She is survived by her husband, her mother, five daughters: Niobe, of Houston, Tex., Mrs. Eugene S. Plauche, (Jeanette) of Lake Charles, Lillian, Norma, and Elaine, of Abbeville; three sons: Emile, of New Orleans, Earle and Roland; one brother and three sisters.

The funeral took place Thursday afternoon, with services conducted by Rev. Williamson, of the local Baptist Church. She was laid to rest in the Graceland Cemetery.

The Meridional joins with the host of friends in expressions of sincerest sympathy for the bereaved family.


Card of Thanks.

We take this method of expressing our sincere thanks to all our friends who were so kind and sympathetic during the illness and death of our beloved wife and mother, Mrs. J. A. Vitello.

The Family.

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90. Ritter, Laura Ann Bullick, born 8-13-1877, died 9-1-1927.

Meridional 9-3-1927:

Mrs. J. F. Ritter.

Mrs. J. F. Ritter died at her home here on Thursday, Sept. 1st, at 3:10 o'clock a.m., after a lingering illness, aged 50 years and 19 days.

The funeral took place Thursday afternoon at five o'clock with services at the residence conducted by Rev. Williamson of the Baptist Church. Burial was made in the Graceland Cemetery.

Mrs. Ritter's maiden name was Laura Ann Bullick. She was married to Mr. J. F. Ritter at an early age, and for a time they made their home at Jennings, La., coming to Abbeville some twenty-five years ago.

She is survived by her husband, two daughters, Bessie and Aline, and one son: Kenneth.

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91. Broussard, Miss A. E., born 9-9-1927, died 9-9-1927.

[No available information.]

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92. Womack, Sterling Price, born 1863, died 10-2-1927 (grave unmarked).

Meridional 10-8-1927:

S. P. Womack's Death Is Widely Mourned.

Gueydan, La., Oct. 3—Funeral services were conducted here this afternoon for S. P. Womack, 64 years old, who died late Sunday afternoon, and the body was taken to Abbeville for interment. The Rev. Mr. Neale, Methodist minister, conducted the services at the home.

Mr. Womack, who formerly was a well-known merchant of Abbeville, having opened a general store there in 1900, was one of the best-known men of this territory and his death after several weeks' illness was widely mourned. For a number of years he has been connected with the A[bram]. Kaplan interests, having charge of drainage on the huge Kaplan plantation.

Mr. Womack is survived by his wife, two sons, three daughters and other relatives. P. Womack, one of the sons, is with the Standard Oil company of Louisiana; the other, S. Womack, is living in the West. Mrs. A. A. Lejeune of Kaplan and Mrs. E. D. Toups of Gueydan are two of the daughters.

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93. Eldredge, Mary Emma, born 3-31-1846, died 10-31-1927.

Meridional 11-5-1927:

Miss Mary Eldredge Summoned to Her Heavenly Home.

Miss Mary Emma Eldredge died at her home here on Monday, Oct. 31, at 3:25 a.m., aged 81 years and seven months.

She was a native of Alabama, and came to Vermilion parish some 48 years ago. She was a devout christian and a lifelong member of the Presbyterian church, and while unable, physically, to take an active part in church work, she endeared herself to all her friends and acquaintances by her willingness to assist both morally and financially in every cause which appealed to her as being for the best interest of the community. She is survived by two nieces: Mrs. Jasper Goodwill, of Minden, La., and Mrs. Carlyle Bourgeois, of Jeanerette; also two nephews: Dr. H. A. Eldredge and G. M. Eldredge, both of Abbeville.

The funeral took place Monday at 4 o'clock p.m., with services conducted by Rev. J. N. Brown, Presbyterian minister. She was laid to rest in the Graceland Masonic Cemetery.

"Smooth the locks of silvery hair,

On her cold brow with tenderest care,

Gather the robe in final fold

Around the form so still and cold;

Lay on her bosom, pure as snow,

The fairest, sweetest flowers that grow.

Kiss her and leave her, our heart's delight;

Her pain is over; she sleeps tonight."

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94. Eldredge, Daisy Alison, born 9-14-1857, died 1-1-1928.

Meridional 1-7-1928:

Aged Mother Called to Her Reward.

Mrs. Daisy Allison Eldredge, beloved wife of the late M. L. Eldredge, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Carlisle Bourgeoise, in Jeanerette, Sunday, Jan. 1, at 5:45 a.m., aged 70 years, 3 months and 17 days.

The funeral was held here Sunday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, with services at the residence of her son, Dr. H. A. Eldredge. Her body was laid to rest in the Graceland Cemetery, to await the final resurrection in the last day. Services were conducted by Rev. Williamson, of the local Baptist Church.

She is survived by two sons: Dr. H. A. Eldredge and G. M. Eldredge, both of this place; two daughters: Mrs. Carlisle Bourgeois, of Jeanerette, and Mrs. Jasper Goodwill, of Minden.

Mrs. Eldredge was widely known and highly respected by all who knew her. She was a devout and consistent christian—a lifelong member of the Baptist Church.

Her many friends grieve that she has been taken from them, but they grieve not as those without hope for they look forward to a happy re-union in a home where sorrow and grief are unknown and there will be no parting.

"Dear is the spot where Christians sleep,

And sweet the strain which angels pour;

Oh, why should we in anguish weep?

They are not lost, but gone before."


Meridional 1-21-1928:

Resolutions Concerning The Death of Mrs. M. L. Eldredge.

Whereas God in his Infinite Wisdom has called Mrs. M. L. Eldredge, a charter member of The First Baptist Church of Abbeville, we the members of the Church wish to express our loss in the following resolutions:

1. Be it resolved that we give thanks to God for the consecrated life and the untiring service which Mrs. Eldredge rendered our Church.

2. That by this means we express our sympathy to the bereaved children in the loss of their mother.

3. That a copy of these resolutions be given to the Abbeville Newspapers for publication, a copy sent to the Baptist Message, and a copy be put on the permanent records of the Church.

4. That we bow in submission to God's will in calling Mrs. Eldredge from us.

First Baptist Church

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95. Howard, Charles W., Jr., born 4-20-1906, died 1-26-1928.

Meridional 1-28-1928:

One Killed and One Seriously Injured In Auto Wreck
Near New Iberia.

Thursday night about 11:30 o'clock, the car in which Mr. C. W. Howard, Sr., his son Charles, and Miss Marie Holmes were riding was overturned near New Iberia, killing Mr. Howard Jr., outright. Miss Holmes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Holmes, of this city, suffered a fractured leg and bruises about the face and body, while Mr. Howard Sr. escaped with a few minor bruises and shock.

The accident occur[r]ed a few miles out of New Iberia and is said to have been caused by the car, a Buick roadster belonging to Mr. Faber, striking a blind curb on a concrete bridge, causing the car to whirl over, pinning young Howard and Miss Holmes underneath.

Young Howard's body was taken care of at the Dauterive Undertaking parlors in New Iberia, while Miss Holmes was rushed to the Dauterive Sanitarium, the elder Howard returning to his home in Abbeville, Friday morning. Miss Holmes was later taken to Lafayette for a more complete XRay examination to determine the full extent of her injuries.

C. W. Howard, Jr., was born in Abbeville, his father being at that time connected with the Abbeville Rice Mill. Upon the organization of the Louisiana State Rice Milling company the family moved to New Orleans, and returned when the La. State opened its headquarters here something more than a year ago. The elder Howard is cashier and general auditor of the La. State, having been with that institution since its organization. C. W. Howard, Jr., was an employee of the Planter's Rice Mill in the capacity of rice grader, having been connected with the Louisiana State Rice Milling Co., since 1922. He was 21 years, 9 months and 18 days of age, and is survived by father, mother, one brother and two sisters.

The funeral will take place this morning (Sat. Jan. 28) at 10 o'clock. Burial will be made in the Graceland Cemetery.

The office of the Louisiana state Rice Milling company will be closed today out of respect to Mr. Howard.

Young Howard was one of the most popular of our young men—having the qualities of mind and heart that endeared him to all who knew him. He gave promise of a brilliant future in the business and social worlds, his training and experience particularly fitting him for the larger sphere of life.

A sorrowing community joins with the Meridional in expressions of sincere sympathy for the sorrowing family.

Meridional 2-4-1928:

Card of Thanks.

We wish to thank our many friends who were so kind to us during our recent bereavement—the death of our beloved son Charles; and for the many beautiful floral offerings and other acts of kindness and consideration.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Howard and Family.

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96. Hinckley, John V., born 8-17-1854, died 5-22-1928.

Meridional 5-26-1928:

John V. Hinckley Dies Here Tuesday.

John V. Hinckley, one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of the city died at his home here Tuesday, May 22, at 12:30 o'clock p.m., aged 73 years, 9 months and 5 days. The funeral took place Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock, with religious services conducted at the residence by Revs. Brown of the Presbyterian Church at Lafayette, and Williamson of the local Baptist church. He was laid to rest in the Graceland Cemetery.

Besides his widow he is survived by three sisters: Mrs. Roth, of New Orleans; Mrs. Honsby, of Iota; and another sister, now living in Colorado; two nieces, Mrs. Louis Fisher, of New Iberia; and Mrs. Wm. Coleman, of Jefferson Island; three nephews, Charlie Hickley [sic], of New Iberia, John Hinkley [sic], of Erath, and Dudley Hinckley, of Jefferson Island.

Mr. Hinckley was a native of Louisiana, and came to Vermilion parish in 1882. His occupation was that of carpenter-contractor, and he remained actively engaged in his chosen occupation until late in life. He was not affiliated with any church but lived a life free from reproach—using the golden rule as his guiding principle in life, always attempting to do unto others as he would be done by. He lived a model life, and will be remembered by his attitude of absolute fairness toward all public questions, and his kindly demeanor in dealing with people of all classes and conditions in life. A gentleman of the old school he made a favorable impression upon all with whom he came in contact, and it may truthfully be said that the world is better for his having lived.

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97. Van Slyke, Walter, born 9-29-1861, died 6-29-1928.

[No available information.]

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98. Kitchell, James R., born 2-4-1865, died 3-1-1929.

Meridional 3-2-1929:

J. R. Kitchell Passes Away After Brief Illness.

James Robert Kitchell, prominent local attorney and one of our staunchest and most progressive citizens, died at his home here on Friday, Mar. 1, 1929, at 10:00 o'clock a.m., aged 64 years and 27 days. The funeral will take place from his late residence on March 2, at 4:00 o'clock p.m., with interment in the Graceland cemetery.

He is survived by his widow; four daughters: Isabel, Birdie and Mary of Abbeville, and Mrs. Frank Mutz, of Lafayette; and one son: James Jr., of Lafayette.

Mr. Kitchell was a native of Mississippi but come to Louisiana in 1886. After teaching school for five years he took up the study of law in the office of the late Hon. Lastie Broussard. After his admission to the bar he entered into a law partnership with Mr. Broussard which lasted until 1906 when the law firm of Kitchell, Bailey and Broussard was formed, consisting of J. R. Kitchell, W. W. Bailey and J. Otto Broussard. Upon the dissolution of this partnership in 1910, he continued to be associated with W. W. Bailey.

He was active in local and parish politics serving a term as Alderman of the town, and as Mayor from July 6, 1889 to May 14, 1900. He also served as Secretary of the Parish Democratic Executive Committee continuously from the date of its organization until his death.

He served as Superintendent of Education here from 1900 to 1904, and it was during his term and mainly through his influence that the Abbeville High School Building, the first one in the parish, was erected.

A good man has gone from us—one whose devotion to the best interests of humanity cannot be questioned. It may truthfully be said of him that he was free from guile—his character stainless and above reproach. We shall miss his calm unbiased judgment in all matters pertaining to human welfare, and his genial smile and words of good cheer will no longer inspire the weary and despairing ones with new strength to fact the battle of life.

The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved family in this their darkest hour of sorrow.

Meridional 6-29-1929:

Bar Association Honors Memory of J. R. Kitchell.

At the meeting of the fifteenth Judicial District Bar Association held at Crowley Saturday afternoon the following resolutions paying honor to the memory of the late J. R. Kitchell, were adopted:

WHEREAS, James Robert Kitchell, a member of the Abbeville Bar Association, the District Bar Association of the Fifteenth Judicial District of Louisiana, and of the Louisiana State Bar Association, departed this life at his home in the Town of Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, on March 1, 1929; and

WHEREAS, the District Bar Association of the Fifteenth Judicial District of Louisiana, wishing to express its profound sorrow at his loss and give testimony of the esteem in which he was held, requested that resolutions be drafted in honor of his memory by a Committee composed of the members of the Abbeville Bar Association to be inscribed upon its minutes; and

WHEREAS, at a special meeting of the Abbeville Bar Association a Committee composed of Judge William P. Edwards, John Nugier and J. I. Boudreaux, Attorneys of the Abbeville Bar Association, was appointed to draft suitable resolutions for presentation to the District Bar Association of the Fifteenth Judicial District of Louisiana, at its meeting to be held in Crowley, Louisiana, on the 22nd day of June, A.D. 1929. Said Committee, through its Chairman, John Nugier, presented the following resolutions and asked that the same be read aloud and spread upon the minutes of this Association.

Be It Resolved, That the District Bar Association of the Fifteen[th] Judicial District of Louisiana recognizes in the death of James Robert Kitchell the State has lost one of its most distinguished citizens, and the legal profession one of its ablest lawyers. He was an ornament to his profession, and an example to all by his private as well as public virtues. With great energy, he was singularly tempered with moderation. He was unpretending and exemplary in all his personal habits and intercourse with his neighbors. For breadth of view and intelligence upon all subjects he had few equals; a man uniformly reliable in all departments and conditions of life. He was a pure and blameless man, a faithful husband and an affectionate father and helpful friend. he was a just man, always giving full weights and measures. He was temperate, not given to excess indulgence of any kind. He was a Christian man, an[d] an able and distinguished lawyer. We deeply regret the passing of such a citizen, lawyer and father, and deplore the loss of comradeship and councellorship which was an inspiration to greater and higher levels, and we extend to his family and loved ones or deep felt sympathy.

Be It Further Resolved, That the Secretary of this Association furnish a copy of these resolutions to the press for publication, and transmit a copy of the same to the family of the deceased.

Signed: John Nugier, Chairman of Committee.

Signed: J. I. Boudreaux,

Signed: W. P. Edwards.

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99. Poche, Grace McCarty, born 11-1-1873, died 3-17-1929.

Meridional 3-23-1929:

Mrs. W. A. Poche Dies at Her Home in Kaplan.

Mrs. Grace McCarthy Poche, beloved wife of Dr. W. A. Poche, died at her home in Kaplan, on Sunday, March 17, at 3:30 a.m., aged 56 years, 4 months and 16 days.

The funeral was held Monday, March 18, at 10:00 a.m., with services at the First Methodist Church in Abbeville, followed by interment in the Graceland Cemetery.

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100. Harrington, Laura Stephens, born 5-24-1862, died 6-11-1929.

Abbeville Progress 6-15-1929:

Mrs. Cornelius Harrington.

Mrs. Cornelius Harrington, aged 67 years and 18 days died at her home in this city, on Tuesday, June 11th, 1929, at 7 o'clock p.m.

The funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, with services at the Methodist; interment being made in the Graceland cemetery. The funeral attendance was unusually large, and the floral offerings were many and beautiful.

Besides other relatives, Mrs. Harrington is survived by her husband, Mr. Cornelius Harrington; the following children: Mr. Perry Harrington, of Port Arthur, Texas; Mrs. Edias J. Broussard, of this city; Mrs. Conrad Comfort, of Port Arthur, Texas; Mr. Pervy Harrington, of Port Arthur Texas; the following step-children: Mrs. Fils Domingue, of this city; Mr. Clerphe Harrington and Mr. Gussie Harrington, of this place; one sister, Mrs. Stephen Shepherd, of Crowley, one half-sister, Mrs. Alfred Hebert, of Spring Hill.

Before her marriage Mrs. Harrington was Miss Laura L. Stephens.

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