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Pere Megret by unknown artist
Père Antoine Désiré Mégret (1797-1853), founder of Abbeville.  This 1840s painting by an unknown painter was painted from real life, and hangs in the rectory of the St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in Abbeville.

Pere Megret by Harry Worthman
This 1953 painting of Père Antoine Désiré Mégret by Harry Worthman hangs in the Vermilion Parish Courthouse in Abbeville.

Robert Perry
Robert Perry, founder of Perry's Bridge.

William Kibbe
William Kibbe, first judge for Vermilion Parish.

Granville Shaw
Granville B. Shaw, sheriff, duelist, and expert marksman.

Lastie Broussard
Lastie Broussard, clerk of court, attorney, and politician.

Lastie Broussard porch party
Lastie Broussard family party.

Louis F. Corrodi
Early Abbeville photographer, Louis F. Corrodi.  (Photo courtesy Kenneth A. Dupuy.)

J. P. Gueydan
Jean Pierre Gueydan, founder of the town of Gueydan.

Town of Gueydan 1898
Town of Gueydan, 1898.

Charity Street before 1912
Charity Street, Abbeville, probably before 1912.

Audrey Hotel
Audrey Hotel (completed 1928)  This building is now the Abbeville City Hall.

Godchaux residence
Godchaux residence, home of Frank Godchaux, Sr., one of Abbeville's most successful businessmen.

Magdalen Square
Magdalen Square, Abbeville.

Masonic Temple
Masonic Temple, Abbeville, built 1922-23.  This building was designed by "Abbeville's stellar architect," George Honold.

McPherson home
D. L. McPherson home, Abbeville.

Old bridge at Abbeville
Old bridge over the Vermilion River at Abbeville.

1891 courthouse
Old Vermilion Parish courthouse, completed 1891, demolished 1951.

First high school in Abbeville
First high school in Abbeville (1903).  This building was designed by "Abbeville's stellar architect," George Honold.  It is now used as the Vermilion Parish School Board office.

Old power plant on Main Street
Old water tower and light plant on Main Street, Abbeville.

Abbeville Rice Mill and depot
Old rice mill (1900) and railroad depot (1892), Abbeville.  This rice mill was designed by "Abbeville's stellar architect," George Honold.

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church
St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church (completed 1911), Abbeville.  This magnificent example of a Gothic church was designed by "Abbeville's stellar architect," George Honold.

State Street 1903
State Street, Abbeville.  Photographer Louis F. Corrodi took this picture in 1903 from the front of the courthouse looking south.

State street looking north
Another view of State Street.  This photo was taken from the front of the Abbey Players building looking north.

Vermilion Hotel


Hotel Vermilion, Abbeville, near the bridge, built 1905, burned 1910.

Woodmen of the World hall
Woodmen ot the World hall, Abbeville, completed 1925.

Morgan Effigy front view
Morgan Effigy (human death figure carved from deer antler by Native Americans ca. 1000) found in mound on Pecan Island, Vermilion Parish.

Morgan Effigy right view
Morgan Effigy viewed from the right side.

Morgan Effigy back view
Morgan Effigy viewed from the back.

Morgan Effigy left view
Morgan Effigy viewed from the left side.

Solomon Wise building
Solomon Wise building (completed 1894).  This building housed Eli Wise & Co., eventually Landry Stores, and now Black's Oyster Restaurant.

Eli Wise home
Eli Wise home (completed 1894).  This home was a wedding gift from Solomon Wise to his son.  It is a replica of the New Orleans home of the bride.




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