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Welcome to the website of the historical society that the Baton Rouge Advocate has called "perhaps the best in the state."

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Who We Are:

The Vermilion Historical Society is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the collection, preservation, and dissemination of the history of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana.  It was formed in 1975 as a result of the renewed interest in history engendered by the impending national bicentennial.  The Society published History of Vermilion Parish, La., a 485-page book containing historical topics, family stories, and pictures, in 1983.  Our third book publication was Journeys Into the Past—Abbeville, Louisiana: The Early Years, by Abbeville's premiere historian, Kenneth A. Dupuy.

    The Society also maintains a museum at the Alliance Center, 200 N. Magdalen Square, in the heart of Abbeville, Louisiana, as a part of the Abbeville Cultural and Historical Alliance.  Historical artifacts, documents, and photographs are on display there, including the "Morgan Effigy," a deer antler carved by Native Americans about 1000 years ago.  The sketch of the effigy shown above is the logo of the Society.

Alliance Museum and Art Gallery

Inside this website you will find images of the people, places, buildings, and things of the past, documents and maps, biographies, articles on interesting historical topics, obituaries, newspaper articles, and a wealth of other information relating to the history of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana.  Click the "Enter Here" button above, or choose a link from the Site Outline below. 


  1. Features
      1. Slide and Video Presentations
      2. History of Abbeville, by John W. O'Bryan, Jr.
      3. Abbeville in 1922
      4. Abbeville's Official Song
      5. An Abbeville Authoress: Mrs. O. C. Jones
      6. Kate and Mary Area
      7. Bank of Abbeville
      8. The Life of Lastie Broussard
      9. The Life and Music of Bobby Charles
      10. The Life of Louis Vallee
      11. The Great Concord Street Fire of 1903
      12. Vermilion Parish Courthouses
      13. The Life of Clarence J. Edwards
      14. The Life of Judge Wakeman Wakeman Edwards
      15. The Fenwick Sanitarium (Palms Hospital)
      16. The Flood of 1940
      17. James Fontenot's Renovation of the Eagle Hotel
      18. Frank A. Godchaux, Sr.
      19. The Life of Jean-Pierre Gueydan
      20. George Honold, Abbeville's Stellar Architect
      21. Ambroise Lacour—Public Servant
      22. Father Verbis Lafleur [video 45:17]:  Priest—Soldier—Saint?
      23. Magdalen Square
      24. St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Part 1
      25. St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Part 2
      26. St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Part 3
      27. Stained Glass Windows of St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Part 1
      28. Stained Glass Windows of St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Part 2
      29. Mégret in France
      30. Mégret in Louisiana
      31. History of the Abbeville Meridional
      32. Adrien Nunez of Live Oak Plantation
      33. tations/robert_perry/robert_perry.htm" target="_blank">Robert Perry of Perry's Bridge
      34. George Petty III and Lizzie Edwards [video 54:25]
      35. George Petty IV, Pinup Artist [video 42:58]
      36. Early Postcards of Abbeville
      37. J. Henry Putnam and the Rose Hill Plantation
      38. The Railroad Comes to Abbeville
      39. The Life of Dr. Alexander Sas-Jaworsky [video 33:54]
      40. The Life of Granville B. Shaw [video 51:21]
      41. Steamboats on Bayou Vermilion
      42. Streets of Abbeville
      43. Veranda Hotel, Part 1
      44. Veranda Hotel, Part 2
      45. Vermilion Parish Prehistory
      46. Vigilante Committees in Acadiana 1859
      47. The Eli Wise Home
    1. Topics in History
      1. The Morgan Effigy, by Gary Theall
      2. How Vermilion Parish Became Part of Louisiana, by Gary Theall
      3. Père Mégret, Founder of Abbeville, by Ken Dupuy
      4. How Abbeville Was Named
      5. Abbeville, the Early Years, by Ken Dupuy
      6. The Early Sheriffs of Vermilion Parish, compiled by Ken Dupuy
      7. Fatal Shooting in Vermilion Parish, by Ken Dupuy
      8. The Masonic Temple, by Ken Dupuy
      9. The Coming of the Railroad, compiled by Gary Theall
      10. The Railroad Celebration, by Ken Dupuy
      11. A Ride on the Train, by Ken Dupuy
      12. Fourth of July in Abbeville—1889 and 1898, by Ken Dupuy
      13. Abbeville, Louisiana: As It Was in 1894, by Ken Dupuy
      14. An Abbeville Authoress, Mrs. Ophelia Cook Jones, by Gary Theall
      15. Cannon from the War for Texas Independence, by Ken Dupuy
      16. The Fire of 1903, by Ken Dupuy
      17. The Fenwick Sanitarium (Palms Hospital), by Beatrice B. McClellan.
      18. Gueydan Liquor Raid, by Patricia Heard Saltzman.
      19. Animals of the Past, compiled by Gary Theall
      20. Obituaries of the First 100 People Buried in Graceland Cemetery, compiled by Gary Theall
      21. World War II—Eleven Abbeville Heroes
      22. Biographies of Those Buried in the Old Masonic Cemetery, by Ken Dupuy
      23. Abbeville Buildings, seen from the rooftop of the old Audrey Hotel, in the form of a slideshow
      24. Abbeville's Sister City, the city of Lasne, Belgium, and its people [video]
    2. Vermilion Parish Biographies
      1. Martin Bagley, by Michael Bradford
      2. Ellis Hubin Bergeron, by C. Paul Bergeron
      3. C. Paul Bergeron:  A Cajun Boyhood, by C. Paul Bergeron
      4. Lastie Broussard, by Ken Dupuy
      5. Dr. Clarence J. Edwards, by Ken Dupuy
      6. Eugene Isidore Guégnon, by Ken Dupuy
      7. Jean-Pierre Gueydan, by Patricia Saltzman Heard
      8. Reverend James A. Herod, by Ravin St. Julien-Brown
      9. Christian George Honold, Architect, by Ken Dupuy
      10. Judge William Kibbe, by Gary Theall
      11. Dr. Francis Fenwick Young, by Ken Dupuy
    3. Historical Images
    4. Documents and Maps
    5. Historical Collections
      1. The Clarence J. Edwards Collection
      2. The Robert H. Smith Collection (coming soon)
      3. The Wilmer Geoffroy Collection
      4. The R. J. Guidry Collection (coming soon)
    6. Sanborn Maps
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